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  1. 1991 Nissan 180sx - $9,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 60000 Price : $9,000 Condition : Used 1991 Nissan 180sx Registered until 02-JUN-2013 Engine etc: - Fresh stock imported engine from Japan approx. ~60,000km - New water pump - Serviced (spark plugs, oil filter, so on.) - Hybrid front mount intercooler - S14 manual gearbox - Alloy coolant reservoir - Viscous LSD - 16" Thermo Fan - HKS pod w/shield - Walbro 550hp fuel pump - Chipped ecu (wavetuned) - Drift catch can with breather - Tidy wiring Exhaust: - Stainless exhaust manifold - 3" Straight through exhaust w/cannon - Highflowed T25g turbs Rebuilt Suspension: - Tein drift spec coilovers - Tein camber tops - Adjustable rear camber arms Wheels: - 18" Nakayama Jap racing wheels with 30mm bolt on spacers - New tyres all round. 90% tread. Exterior: - Body has about 130,000kms on it - Standard nissan black with roof fade & minimal scratches - Tint - Pignose front bar with topstage lip - Vertex side skirts & rear bar - Spoiler removed Interior: - Brand new Autotechnia Black Steering Wheel - Drift button (blue) - Turbo timer - Autotechnia After Market Seats (Black) Spare Parts: I have a huge amount of parts to go with this vehicle (all included). Either from replacing parts/came with when i brought it/planning on putting them on. This list is an idea of parts - Spare Alternator - Air condition setup with spares - Dump Pipe - Belts - Pulleys - 1L Oil Pan - Nuts/Bolts big mixup. - Engine Mounts - CAS Sensor - 2x Fans - Aftermarket Exhaust Manifold - Stock Inlet Manifolds - Turbo + housings - Brand new gktech bash plate - Brand new gktech air direction plate - gktech rocker stoppers - Plus a tonne more. Spare Engine: The original owner rebuilt it and it blew a conrad out the side of the block on the first day on the track. Have since put in another engine. - S14 SR20DET - ACL race series big end & main bearings - New rings - Permaseal head gasket - Airsanded block - Hoaned bore - Port polished & planed head - GKtech Rocker stoppers - New rocker arms - Sr20de cams - Reco'd oil pump - NA throttle body
  2. Lazer eye surgery

    I'm 20/Got it done when i was 19. Wouldn't go back. It has improved it heaps, procedure was really easy. in and out within 15 minutes. Feels weird doesn't hurt. Suck it up for 10 minutes. And you wont regret it.

    Quick question: Heard word that if you wanna go out and take photos on the track you have to be there to hear the talk on safety and stuff and provide your own vest. is that correct? What time should one be there to be able to go out?
  4. DEFI Gauges

    Oh really? My mistake...
  5. DEFI Gauges

    Hey, Just wondering if there is any difference between these two lots: Apart from the different types of Oil Press, Oil Temp, A/F so on.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/150660358454?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_840wt_1185 http://www.ebay.com/itm/190576239533?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_597wt_1185 I mean tech wise, is one lot a better buy than the other? Cheers!
  6. speedo sender

    Hey mate Wondering if you got a chance to try that above. Just want to see if it works to test it on mine Cheers,
  7. I'll assume i don't. Thanks for the information though Get some shots from the sideline Thanks for the information mate! Appreciate it
  8. What time is the first race and what's the finish time? Also, i do photography, anyone know who i would have to contact to get onto the track to take some shots? Into the booths or anything? Cheers
  9. Project Atroesx: 1991 180sx

    Ahh alright, skip the pulsar motor then I believe my clutch is doing alright at the moment. I'd love to put a double plate in and do some more engine mods while its out! but really i don't have any money to spend on parts.. So my aim is really to just get it working for now. But you're definitely right, maybe next time it comes out... hehe J's180 that silvia is nuts! that's crazzzzy. Would be soo much fun. Side note: Brought some new IC camber arms today. Sitting in car ready to put on. Ordered timing chain, guides and tensioner. Probably get gasket kit next time im in also. Hopefully pit pass this week!!
  10. Project Atroesx: 1991 180sx

    I would love to upgrade the engine, i would just pay the extra straight up and go 26 But unfortunately i don't have much money laying around after purchasing this car but more importantly i'm not very mechanical minded so i wouldn't be able to do it myself. Don't know any mates that would be able to do it either. Not many of my mates are mechanical minded either Damn, rb20 and gearbox for 700 is cheap! Going into shops today to order some parts Or should i look at this advertised near me: "sale or swap nissan SR20 motor and 5speed out of sss pulsar 179ks its complete with wiring and computre $800 ono" Will it be hard to just swap them over with the turbo and bits? Need a whole new gasket kit and anything else?
  11. Project Atroesx: 1991 180sx

    Hey mate, Sorry do you mean to buy a second hand sr20 and just swap all the parts into mine or just replace my sr20? I was thinking about swapping the engine but i dont have the money Just need to get it working for a daily vehicle for now so i can afford to save some money for a new engine with moar power
  12. Project Atroesx: 1991 180sx

    Got my car back yesterday!! But with more issues.....eh. So i was quoted 1600 in labour to do this next lot of work so decided between myself, my mates and any one else i have to pay in beer i will do this at home. Good chance for me to learn. Basically i need to: Replace timing chain Replace timing guides (All three) Replace head gasket (leaking pretty bad) Replace timing tensioner Replace rear camber arms Replace Tail Shaft centre bearing.. Should be a big push in learning about engines and stuff for me. Sourcing parts at the moment, just looking at standard basic parts. Just to help get her on the road
  13. Alright thanks mate! Do you know if the guides are hard to change over? I mean, taking the engine out is a bigish task, is it fairly straight forward from there? Do you happen to have a head gasket quote too? Cheers,
  14. Hey Just got my car back from the mechanics, with a list of things i need to do to get it running a bit better. Looking at doing this myself/with some mates to save the $1600 labor bill. Basically i'm trying to source some parts: for 180sx/SR20DET Blacktop Head Gasket - $? Rear Camber Arms - $? Timing Chain - $? Timing Guides - $? Tailshart Bearing + Bracket - $? Has anyone got some suggestions on where to buy some of these parts? Not looking for performance parts, just the basic level/OEM. Installation of the parts: Rear camber arms i believe will just be some bolts/reletive straight forward. Tailshaft bearing, anyone have any insite on this for me? Ganna take engine out to do the timing guides and bits, found an awesome guide http://forums.nicoclub.com/diy-sr20det-head-removal-by-mrzabala-t254179.html Anyone have any tips or anything? What size of gasket do i require? They all seem to have 87mm but then x 0.51" or 0.44", 0.40" so on. What is that sizing for? Also i have an s14 gearbox with my sr20det, the tacho doesn't work and i believe this to be because of the sensor in the s14 gearbox, sending the wrong signal. How can i go about fixing this? Can i replace the sensor with one from an s13 gearbox. Just hunting for information on how to go about doing these jobs so i get them done right Cheers,