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  1. Price : $100 Condition : Used hey guys up for sale is a digital climate control unit for a s13/180sx including full uncut loom and sensor that goes into the dash $100 neg 0410710983 located in mandurah perth pm or contact via mobile
  2. my ghetto s13 - help me decide a colour!

    do like a dark browny red colour
  3. +1 to the comment above! what engine is in the ceffy when you first got it ?
  4. REPCO upto 40% off Oils.

    how sure are you about that? the repco brand oil is manufactured by penrite, read the back of the bottle the next time u get one. repco supplies all leading brands of oils even motul i was in repco today and check it out true story! produced by penrite! i grabbed some oil for the 1j boy did it do wonders!
  5. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    nope lol the drum linings are only used by the mechanical brake (handbrake) thats why u got rear disc any progress yet man? i wouldnt mind rewiring mine comepletely f**king over stock wiring it fails hard! i want it simple!
  6. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    i think i bought some stock wheels off you and air filters was a Very long time ago i just rememebr the user name for some reason hahah u had a black s13 i think
  7. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    hey dude im doing exactly the same build as you atm can you please tell me how you wired your fuel pump up though! ive just got mine hardwired atm to ignition but i want it to prime come on then turn off if it stalls! btw i think i remember buying stuff off you back in the day when i had my old NA dark green s13
  8. Shipping a halfcut from WA to VIC ?

    too easy mang msg'd! awaiting reply
  9. hey guys ive found the perfect halfcut ive been looking for my mx83 cressida project now i was just wondering cause its located in perth and im in VIC how much it should roughly cost to get it from WA to VIC also what sort of transport company would i go through to get a quote? any info would be great Thanks!
  10. Roadworthy Recommendation

    Source? I think the other kid was getting his facts mixed up he speaks the truth as of the 1st of september it comes in my boss is already doing it but his strict as on roadworthys things that are roadworthy still dont make it past him hahaha (very old fashioned) good luck finding a dodgy rwc joint let alone a leaniant one these days shits way to strict now
  11. Josh's S13 N/A Two tone.

    replace your coolant temp sensor dude i had the same problem thre about $12 at bursons!
  12. p plate friendly cars (VIC)

    one year of the chasers are legal i think from memory was it 96?
  13. Should trent be banned?

    i dont get what was with the 20 screws on the packaging , came to use though later on for interior peices ! haha
  14. hey there i was just wondering if any one knows wether speed cameras flash during the day or not?