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  1. Jappy Language

    Hey guys my car threw an engine light recently and popped this little screen up. I was wondering if anyone knew how to convert it to english and what it says? Car is a Y34 Cedric if it helps. cheers in advance
  2. 12 volt fridge

    esky and frozen bottles of water? wee bit cheaper
  3. dual battery set up

    http://www.fridge-and-solar.net/dual_bat.htm read this as its very helpful. redarc solenoids seem to be the best of what is a very limited field of knowledge. everyone knows how dual batteries work but there aren't exactly any bulletproof systems out there that always work.
  4. watched felon over the weekend...and man that was an awesome movie. This thread has been an awesome read, hope to here soon about your book.
  5. Soldering Iron's

    http://www.cooperhandtools.com/brands/CF_Files/model_detail.cfm?upc=037103472281 i have about 4 of these that i got from work...we just have biggest boxes worth so if we need another just grab one haha
  6. SJ Zook

    nice zook mate. ive got one with basic sus lift and 30in a/ts.. talk about go anywhere machines!
  7. JZX100 vs R34

    show mummy this
  8. JZX100 vs R34

    Y34 is Gloria/Cedric and will cost you about 17k landed and complied depending on the yen Y50 is Cima will cost you alot more 25k +
  9. who do you know thats famous?

    i've met fui fui moi moi and ete uisale (nrl) in perth when they played..pretty big moment for me seeing as im a eels fan haha also met blake green also nrl, he used to play for the eels but plays for the sharks i think, i followed him through junior ranks and stuff when i was more involved in my footy, but yeah met him at the clubs up here in darwin and chatted to him for a bit...proper massive bloke even for a 5/8
  10. speak to this guy for your chance to be the first person in aus to import a y33 CIMA
  11. is200 not really luxury...you should get your hands on a y34 they are the best cars i would know i own one..
  12. College Humour Prank War

    college humour ftw!