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  1. S13, S15, 350z, R33 Shed Cleanout

    Hi matey do u happen to have a condenser for s13/180sx need the larger fitting type. Cheers
  2. My 180sx....s14a front

    Would like it to be fair lower but 25mm spacers on fronts cant go too low plus the bobbys aint too keen....not like it stands out or anything ha ha. Thanks guys, i put a fair bit time making sure all gaps were mint, as good or better than factory and oxy welded front guards and filed them up also took 15mm of the whole lip to give me a bit more room under the arches and pumped them about 35mm. With the GTRs and 25mm spacer they sit right on the edge...lucky guess! Making it look like factory was exactly wat i was after it went over ID check at regency (without coils+rims) They were jap guards without indicators, i would have liked to leave them clean too but to pass over pits needed side marker. Its actually recessed through the feature line, to match the door handle and petrol cap, it sits flush to the body its a mitsubishi flasher. Definately agree with the honeycomb grill ......black! Went with the US/AU bar cos i didnt think the sharp lines of the jap bar would match the rounder 180 body if rear bar was changed too it mite have suited, its got type x pods+skirt on rear and nismo sideskirts. And also having the black sonar headlights, black wheels, and roof i think the lip makes it.
  3. My 180sx....s14a front

    Hi guys im Nate been following NS for ages done a few cruzes in my CC GSR "EVOLVED' some of u may have seen it around Adelaide, anyways jus thought id throw up a few pics of my latest project that i finished before i moved over to the UK. Im a qualified Autobody repairer, been in the automotive trade for about 12 years, involving crash work, restoration, race and classic cars...currently living in the uk building race, custom and protoytypes. http://www.roachmanufacturing.co.uk/ Bought the 180 from melb with a s14 series 2 engine and gearbox already in it running a microtech LS10, and decent retrimmed interior. Started out as a full rice boy as you can see from the pics, and i decided to tidy it up a bit and give it a quick respay...sort of got carried away! Being very fussy i was not keen on a fiberglass front end with all the problems associated with poor fitting panels so i decided to do a steel s14 series 2 front, guards, bonnet and including radiator support. And i chose the aussie front because i wanted the saturn black lower front lip to go with my orange/black colour scheme, gave it a ford focus 'electric orange' re-spray with custom black xurellic pearl roof and matching r34 gtr wheels....has usal mods coils,exhaust,pod,ss manifold, walbro, s15 t28. Have 720cc incectors and a 2871r .86 sitting in a box at home ready to go on when i get back. hope u guys likey!
  4. S13 idle problem

    pull off the throttle body and clean it, i had the exactly same problem. It was the TPS not set in correct position, dirty throttle body and idle sensor. best bet would be to pull it all apart clean everything re-set the tps and replace the idle air switch. do the revs bounce if u just rest your foot on the accelerator , just above idle?
  5. ha ha ha wats the prize some new injectors...score...lol Really just wanting to know what will be best to use with my microtech LT10, high or low imperdance?
  6. so for say a microtech LS10 low impedance should be the way to go?
  7. so all sr20 injectors are interchangable? sounds like your set up is the way to go man, good daily nothin too crazy and street usable....nice
  8. sweet as man, yea have a look round for 650cc+ injectors. I have the s14 vvt s2 engine, microtech LT10, x-force ss manifold, walbro 255, no afm, mushroom HKS pod, saber front mount kit and running no BOV, plumb back. will be intresting to see what numbers it will make? only really just started playin with sr's i have 2 but ones in my gemmy not running and the other in my sil 13.4a!
  9. nice, what turbo are you running and setup? It would prob be better going larger for future upgrades too.
  10. nope haven't layed eyes on them at all mate cheers tho. Just keen to get some decent injectors because need a tune on my s14a motor + microtech LS10 was thinkin 550/600cc do any other nissans use the same type of injectors?
  11. Just wondering if a set of 600cc CA injectors a mate has in his silvia will fit in my s14?
  12. s14 ticking noise

    cool guys ill give it an oil change and change to a fully synthetic and change the viscosity. forth dosen't pop out under load only when back off at high revs, to keep it in only have to lightly rest my hand on the gear knob and it wont do it. i was thinking of removing the selector bolt in the gear box to see if its warn and maybe put a bigger spring in or bush to make it stay in. The gear box seems in great cond so hope i can get away without pulling it down...
  13. S13 idle problem

    probably TPS throttle position sensor or air fuel mixture?
  14. s13 battery problem.

    Put some new ends on your terminals, or swap your battery. poor conduct will be the culprit and wont let your fuel pump work, have a look at your fuses too maybe. good luck
  15. s14 ticking noise

    10-30 semi-synthetic, i bought the car from interstate drove it once or twice and pulled it apart almost straight away so didnt really get to check everything out. its generally at idle and if i rev it a bit to over 2k it goes away? same it i give it some shit once at idle again it will be fine? had a standard shifter in originally, only had the c's in for 2000kms also the thrust bearing been makin a bit of noise too could this be partly to blame? thanks