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    Iam unsure of the timing but bang for your buck you cant beat Powertunes Dual Map!!!!!! Ace77 FTW
  2. is 98 octane worth it ?

    98 Octane isnt worth it when you can get E85 for under a dollar. E85 for the win........
  3. Tyre inflator killed my wheel

    It looks to me as the chrome has been stripped away. Ammonia WILL strip chrome. I don't think it would eat the alloy part of your wheel. The green crystals are from the nickel plating under the chrome that has been exposed to the ammonia.
  4. Finally smashed my P.B 9.65 @ 144mph

    well done PJ car looked straight and fast.
  5. Powertune BC 264 Install Video

    Yeah man
  6. E85 stations

    What? U serious? Thats just 5 mins from my home and once I stopped there and they told me they don't sell it. You sure? When was the last time u filled up from there? The monkeys behind the counter won't sell it to you and will say anything to you to make you go away. You need to go there during business hours and speak to Sydney in the office next to the shop, if you can prove to him that your car has been converted to e85, he will give you a membership card that you show to the guys in the servo so that they unlock the pump for you. Ive tried to get E 85 from this sevice station and they don't stock it. Rozelle United is the only place to get it.
  7. E85 stations

    Yeah Man.
  8. E85 stations

    2000cc Injectors. How much power do you have?? Normally people use between 1000cc and 1450cc.
  9. E85 stations

    Thanks mate. Will save me on the trip down to Roselle.
  10. E85 stations

    Anyone tried this E85 station yet??
  11. Yokohama Superlap Presents - World Time Attack Challenge 2010

    Then make people who actually want media miss out? Lol lol i should have been a bit clearer, i actually went to take photos, not just to wander the paddock As for the s13 Hey caleb did you get any pics of the Evo MR in the show and shine. Man that thing was clean....
  12. E85 stations

    Thanks caleb. Its $2.50 p/l. When you going E85 caleb
  13. E85 stations

    Well iam not sure what responds better..... but i know what id pick... The power you get for the fuel makes me drive 1.5h return trip to get it. The smell aint half bad either. What ECU are you running??
  14. E85 stations

    With the 15 or so evos that i know of that have been tuned with E85 don't run different plugs or have an issue with cold start. They just play around with the cold start on the ecu. Don't need to google it i trust my tuner. But again i could be wrong
  15. Federal Motorsport Range

    Hi price on 235/45/17 595rs Cheers