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  1. Shrine of KEMP

    BUMP! haha fu*k me dead this thread gave me some good laughs a few years ago. where did everyone disappear? edit: this thread needs to be stickied!
  2. show us your tattoos!

    do what you think you like man, dont do what others tell you. at the end of the day, its your tattoo that you have to see every day of your life, so go with what you like. yeah, i know, but i was just after some feedback. i'll go visit a tattoo parlor and get some sketches drawn up as soon as my year 12 exams are over.
  3. show us your tattoos!

    So i've been 18 for a few months and have been contemplating getting a tattoo. This design below caught my eye, and i love the Japanese ninja/warrior. However, i was considering taking everything else away, and change it so he's looking into a horizon over a meadow or something like that. any thoughts?
  4. Shrine of KEMP

    cmon kemp, you know you want to tell us the two other things on your list. it's been like 3 years, ahaha
  5. Shrine of KEMP

    This HAS to be pinned, no doubt about it. I thought I'd bring the memories back ahaha.
  6. Shrine of KEMP

    BUMP! Ahh, never knew Kemp personally, but I still remember reading this years ago. The Fat Red Head story, I'll never forget ahaha. Ps. Kemps Asian?
  7. Aca hoons report channel 9

    ahaha, met the guy in the rexy at work today, he was telling me about it. "when hoons turn to thugs", wow, ACA love the dramatic over the top titles. and also love how they are showing OLD footage of the riots with this recent video, good job *milkshakes*
  8. Hi, i was planning a cheap subwoofer and amp build and i was wondering if anyone has heard of the brand Ultra Drive? I found their website and it looks like a its a company from the Netherlands. http://www.ebay.com....=item19cbccdad2 Thats the amp i'm considering buying, and just wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on them? I was planning on running the 2 Subs at 2ohm. It claims the amp can provide 600w RMS at 2ohm. Split it should be 300w RMS, just what i need. I also was planning on buying two Hi-Fonics 300w RMS subwoofers. http://www.ebay.com....=item2c605d1bb7 I already have a dual 12" box at home for them. I dont know too much about car audio systems so any feedback would be great. Thanks, Jayden.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S II

    I'm on Vodafone and i just updated to 2.3.5 on Friday night at like 2am, all you need to do is download the XWKJ2 firmware and load it up using Odin. Use this Tutorial http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278 and i used this Firmware http://www330.megaupload.com/files/cc5ddec4825c4ebc9bf0034e983d4ae7/GT-I9100_XEU_I9100XWKJ2_I9100XXKI3_I9100XEUKH2.exe it's an .exe as it's a 7zip executable compressor, when it uncompresses save it to an easy access folder, and follow the tutorial
  10. lost it at 16. also, birthday sex ftw
  11. Tax Office and the Rabbi

    ahaha, i loved it
  12. mario theme song with R/C car ;)

    this is very impressive and pretty damn awesome!
  13. Two tradies

    lmao, got a laugh out of me
  14. Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Not one person who has smelt it has not liked it. Bit pricey but trust me, it works also Bvalgari Aqua Marine