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  1. sr20 oil pump

    is it possible to change the chain tensioner to an s15 tensioner without reoving the rocker cover?
  2. Shim/washers to Shim VLSD

    unknown shim sizes. bought the diff from killerbees on this forum. its locked tight though. 5 bolt half shafts non abs unknown shim sizes. bought the diff from killerbees on this forum. its locked tight though. 5 bolt half shafts non abs
  3. Shim/washers to Shim VLSD

    hey mate. what is the condition of the diff your got. i have a r200 shimmed locked diff in my 180sx atm but looking to swapping it for a stock r200 as the car is a daily. interested?
  4. Powerplay Imports

    drove past today and powerplay looks like it has closed down or relocated.
  5. Radiator being weird

    did you bleed the system properly? heater on full till it get to temp.
  6. hey guys. car is a 180sx. sr20det done approx 160k km. i have a small coolent leak coming from the front of the block around the pullies. only there on initial start up then disappears after the car is warmed up. thinking its the water pump seal. does this sound right and how hard is it to change with basic tools. car doesnt over heat and heater works etc. thanks guys. also if powertune replies how much approx do you guys charge.
  7. S15 diff shim help in Syd

    also check blingys write up on how to change subframe bushes. dont need a press or blow torch. just basic tools
  8. S15 diff shim help in Syd

    cant shim a helical diff. S15
  9. S13 wheel studs

    nismo extended studs or genuine nismo
  10. Help Needed!

    sounds like a bad batch of fuel or fuel pump issue.
  11. hey guys. wondering if this is legit and if anyone has used it. turbotech v2 boost controller. states can hold up to 60psi. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/V2-Turbotech-manual-turbo-boost-controller-here-/220776081852?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item336747a9bc
  12. Shift Light Indicators

    go the shift i. had one on my bike and i rocked. its progressive so you can prepare to change rather then the single stage lights. easier to get the shift spot on. as said above has couple of other functions too. good quality product.
  13. Buying used Garrett Turbo

    ^^^ correct. there will be some shaft play as it need oil through it. any excessive play is bad. >3mm
  14. Buying used Garrett Turbo

    check for shaft play check fins/blades for chips etc check inside housing for scoring check around exhaust housing for excessive oil. check for any cracks in housings. check if the wheels turn easily. check if the wastegate flap is loose. its pretty straight forward fitting turbo. search for install. use braided lines to make install easier. also you'l need to clock turbo so that oil drain is facing straight down. you'll need clockin adaptors, cut and reweld snouts or alter ic piping to ft s15 snouts. other then that take your time and you'll be sweet.