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  1. s13 seat postioning

    i'm just over 6 foot n in my sunroofed 13 my head just about touches the roof, if i sit up perfectly straight it cleanly plants into it, and a non sunroof one will only give another 2" or so. strange he's finding headroom alright, and not legroom, coz if anything, i could do with more headroom, and depending on how i want to sit, i sometimes find myself moving the seat forward a bit to make clutching a little bit easier. if he's distorting himself to fit into it and still having legroom issues, doubt he'll like living with it daily. means he's lacking head and legroom, so his back will hate him, and legs will prob soon follow suit.
  2. s13 tail lights

    ew ew ew. led ones look like ballllllllls
  3. S13 Taillights

    imo stock ftw. but crystals look good on a red 13. anything else, eh
  4. Exhaust Silencers

    or get a changeable one
  5. Floaty feeling when turning

    has a similar experience when test driving mine. first time i took it out it had random steelies on it to pass rwc and felt like a patrol, came back with the 18s on n had a dramatically different harder ride. so i'm guessing it had a similar result, different wheels needing a bit of a different set up, yours prob not as extreme coz it's the same wheel just diff rubber. checked to see if they're on the right way?
  6. The next big thing

    i would've thought electric/hybrid cars moving into the realm of the mainstream in a more prominent way would've been a more popular choice than it seems. i mean, they seem to have leaped forward in terms of performance in terms of speed and efficiency, in a fairly short amount of time. and out of all the options presented, it's the one with the most meaning in the longrun, and will get a lot of attention which will only increase as they get better and better. personally i'm not against the notion of driving one, i'm against the notion of driving any current ones, but nothing's stopping manufacturers from creating a desirable model. the cr-z's on the right track, personally i really like the look, and the fact it's manual etc etc, loving the idea of the 1.6L turbo coming out too but they need to bring the electrically powered versions up to and beyond the capabilities of their petrol powered bretheren. then they'll sweep the market like a tornado. my 2c
  7. Has the focus shifted from drifting to time attack?

    ffs ...anyway one thing to think about is that seeing as aus is how it is, maybe with drift's rise in popularity in america, maybe aus will follow suit, but again, it needs major sponsors/celebrities/drivers becoming well known/support from those who can give it in high places, government, spectators, venues etc etc etc. saying drifting isn't a sport is friggin stupid. for example, snowboarding in the winter oylmpics i like watching, it can be impressive what they can pull off, specially that tomato guy, he creams everyone and makes it look easy, even though what he can do goes beyond skill, he's just a freak. and when who you're supporting (your countrymen) are waiting for their scores to see how they've faired, it can get pretty interesting and tense. it might not be to everyone's taste, but to say this event isn't a real sport because the outcome is decided by people other than those competing is just wrong. it makes about as much sense as saying f1's not a sport because (not so much now, with the fact that pitstops are kept to an absolute minimum) the outcome can be decided by a good or bad pitstop, or by fuel stratedgy, tyre stratedgy, use of a better car, implementing advancements in aerodynamics, developing new technologies other teams don't have access to yet such as kers the other year. yeah, drifting is based on how the judges percieve a contest to have occured, but just because it's not the driver themself setting in stone just who comes out on top doesn't mean it's any less of a sport.
  8. Has the focus shifted from drifting to time attack?

    maybe with time. i think if a few key players in the automotive world embrace it and the media sees a potential dollar in it's support, it could take off. if holden and ford, and/or the other manufacturers sold out here etc etc try to contribute in some way, whether with factory backed teams, or whatever, regular peeps here may take heed. produce a few poster boys/girls, get some 'drift spec' type special models released, ya never know. What's that got to do with drift vs grip? referring to why i think drifting has failed to take off in australia (if it even ever will) and become a sanctioned, profitable, mass fan base gathering sport. and the fact that it hasn't really is a reason i think people are over time transferring to following and modifying their cars more in the direction of timed competition, as it's the bread and butter of any car oriented sport. that's coz it's like iron chef + danger x even crazier asians yep, from what i've heard, people thought it was stupid to repeatedly go around the same road in order to see who got their the fastest. similar situation with gaming, with one side thinking it's stupid and a waste of time, and the other seeing it for the enjoyable, enticing, exclusively interactive, innovative entertainment it is. even boobs? =S
  9. skylines, the life of owning one.

    i was reading it going "please don't be my area, please don't be my area..." i reckon i might get a wrx wagon when it comes time to have 4 doors etc. gf approves too! peanut eye ftw. or a legacy of some sort
  10. um... troll fail first time my gf saw an r35, to my knowledge anyway, was when i dragged her to the motor show last year. they look so much nicer in person, get a sense of how epic they really are i reckon, only other cars that give you that are high end supercars, murcis yaddayaddayadda
  11. on the topic of gfs not giving a shiz, saw an orange murcielago a while back n was like aw cool, n gf asks what i'm on about n i point it out n she said she thought it was ugly...
  12. Has the focus shifted from drifting to time attack?

    just depends on the crowd, for example u have both BMX freestyle and racing, both on similar levels, it's just a matter of establishment. drift is still very young in Aus, if you look at how drift is treated in Japan it's a whole new level, the drivers are celebrities, they are well respected both within the public and racing circles (a few of them are JGTC drivers, as well as TA drivers etc). America it is growing, certainly if you look at the $ in drift there it shows how much traction it's getting (pun intentional), the drivers over there are also spread across the rally circles some of the time, even if tbh, some are more rich and backed more than anything else. here in Aus, there is very little respect, and a lot of the time rightly so, most of drivers in the "top level" (DA) were there by means other than their talent alone. but moreso it's simply how unprofessional the sport is atm, there is f**k all $ in it as the people involved are mostly young, whereas a lot of circuit racing in Aus, although quite underfunded as well, at least has some older dudes with cash to splash pouring some $ into it. drift is bone dry, and until it gets a cash injection, and some motivation to become more professional it's gonna be seen as just a bunch of hoons frying tyres by the majority. i think a few things suppress it's growth in aus. the first being the whole stigma surrounding imports, second being the fact that there's only so many people who are into it period. have to pull a crowd to fund it in the end, without it, it'll never truly take off. and with all the anti hoon crap being thrown around, and the whole us vs them mentality towards police blablabla. but yeah, it's popular in japan for obvious reasons, originating there, not relying on outright power etc, and in america, hey, with 250 million people or whatever they have, you only need a small % of the population to like it to fill the stands.
  13. Has the focus shifted from drifting to time attack?

    spose it could just be that in terms of motorsport, setting laptimes is always going to be around, other forms of competition are all second to that
  14. Loz! SAU has it, Get on it! :D

    too busy reminiscing with fastfours...
  15. Has the focus shifted from drifting to time attack?

    We're not talking about which is more popular in general, because it's irrelevant, OP's asking in regards to imports, which, from what I can tell, has had the majority of all motorsport coverage focused on drifting. I can see what you mean nismoman, in that time attack has creeped somewhat more into the limelight, getting a bit more attention in terms of what sort of builds you see from companies, or what type of style is emerging. I can recall a lot of awesome time attack (or circuit racing, ultimately very similar) cars built in the past year or two (there's probably just as many drift focused ones, I'm just saying from what I see). So in this regard, I'd say builds that are aimed at speed primarily have becomes quite prevalent. And in terms of the style of it, I'm seeing a lot of people with cars that tend to go more towards the clean cut, sporty, quick sort of look, stemming more from a circuit racer than a drift battler. I'm not saying they haven't always been around, but yeah.