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  1. n/a TALK <<

    Moving to Darwin and are unsure of what fuels are available up there so got tuned on the standard fuel. Pretty decent effort in my opinion - alot more room left for improvement like larger cams, higher compression, cam timing, head work, etc. My main aim next is to lighten the rotational parts as much as possible like lighter crank, crank pulley, clutch and flywheel, rods, pistons, driveshaft, etc to increase engine response. Also need to change diff ratio from 3.5 to 4.3 or similar.
  2. n/a TALK <<

    Just got my s15 sr20de tuned, its in a clubman running s14 DET loom, cas, ecu, spitfire coilpacks, BC stage 2 cams, cam gears set at 0 0, z32, 550cc injectors with larger fuel rail and custom intake with cold air induction. It made 110rwkw on 91 octane
  3. n/a TALK <<

    Instead of paying $20k+ building an engine hoping to make good power, you could always just buy one of the two 300hp NA sr20de from TODA; info from Toda: Thank you for your email & interest in TODA Racing products, Both engines are in Japan, Each 300hp SR20DE N2 engine is priced at 1,250,000yen + freight + GST(converts to about $14k + freight + gst) Includes: A freshly overhauled N2 SR20DE long engine (no manifolds) Quick list of engine internals: - TODA N2 camshafts (13.0mm lift intake / 12.8mm lift exhaust) & adjustable cam sprockets - TODA N2 Valve springs, retainers, spring seats, valve guides, Beryllium Copper valve seats - N2 adjustable chain tensioner & chain guide - Nismo N2 Y rockers (modified) + various other Nismo N2 parts / components - TODA ported N2 head - Forged pistons (short skirt / moved pin height for improved rod ratio) - Balanced - Forged connecting rods (H beam) Centre to centre length 143mm - Balanced - SPL TODA Lightweight SR20 crankshaft - Balanced - TODA sleaved SR20 engine block (SPL bore & hone @ engine operating temp) - Dry sump pan & pump – see pics / + SPL accessory drive belt / pulleys - SPL ultra lightweight flywheel & twin plate race clutch – see attached pics (repair parts available) – Balanced A picture of correct exhaust manifold attached, On purchase of the engine the correct assembly/fabrication dimensions will be supplied so you can produce your own correct header. Also ideal intake length data would be supplied on purchase of engine. What would you do?
  4. hey mate, apparantly u just need a convertor box when i got it checked by the instrument guy, im going to try to put my speed input through my v88 vipec the use an out put to the speedo then calibrate through ecu hopefully it works what type of convertor box???? i was told the biggest problem is that the s15 dash cluster requires a digital signal and the older silvias dont generate a digital signal. Gauge Works in SA said they tried it with a S15 and couldnt get it to work even with convertors to try and boost the signal to the required Hz which is many times greater than what the old silvias produced but couldnt get it high enough dont get me wrong though, i hope you do get it working and so i could get mine working good luck
  5. are u using the s15 dash cluster?? i have one in my clubman and couldnt get the speedo working with the s14 gearbox im running, after ringing a couple of places they said they had tried it on a customers car and said that it couldnt be done. since s15 speed sensor is in the diff and goes through the abs unit??????????
  6. n/a TALK <<

    hey mate, my brother helped me wire up my s15 sr20de in my clubman from the basic s15 DET workshop manual - basically the same but with coil pack loom. what u need it for? i still have the electronic copy of the manual on my comp but is pretty large so tell me the specific wiring diagram u need and i can send it to u, gl mate
  7. DriftSquids SONVIA!

    hey jake, i have always loved this car and it is at its best stage ever - best looking drift car in Aus hands down. u are by far one of the best drifters as well, watching your videos got me into drifting so i hope u are an instructor at the next drift school as i will be out in my puma clubman again and hope to get some tips from u
  8. Ghost-Mobile

    hey mate, sweet s15 and they are the best trispoke rims ever total win
  9. Zenki S14/ Hit & Run...GONE :(

    hey pual, very tough car man good to see it finished, cant wait to see it at Stadium. U going to enter drift school on the 9th of october? might take my clubman back out
  10. n/a TALK <<

    umm mallala uses both a skid pan and the whole track so you learn everything about drifting- from controlling the car around cones and then controlling the car around proper corners, should be able to just clutch kick, should be able to stay sliding for a bit since soo light and has locked diff not lsd, will let you guys know how i go, cant wait though will be really fun
  11. n/a TALK <<

    possibly or clutch kick lol
  12. Nissan 180SX Rajab custom body works

    just read all 7 pages too, bloody awsome car, still a street car? lol
  13. n/a TALK <<

    the power to weight of that car effectively means that your driving a turbo silvia. however being a puma, i have no idea what suspension your running. they use mx5 double a-arm dont they? what kind of diff is in the car? dont stress too much about power, drifting is all about suspension! the more grip you have the faster your can enter and faster your can maintain the drift. if your worried though just grab some stockies off another car with thinner/older/less grippy tyres. -dan its running a tc/td cortina live rear axle with minispool, drum brakes and hand brake doesnt lock up the wheels, front is TE/TF cortina knuckles with vented discs but custom made wishbones. i not really worried but just wanted to know what others thought, will just have to be like Kiiechi Tsychia in is AE86
  14. n/a TALK <<

    Question: I am building a 700kg sports car with a 1999 sr20de vct from a s15 mated to a 5 speed s14 gearbox and i am taking it out to mallala on the 3rd for drift school and i want to know if you guys think i will be able to slide on 235 18 inch wheels that i have on it atm? i havent driven it properly as it isnt regoed yet and wont be b4 the 3rd, the de seems to be able to spin them really easily from stationary but worried once they heat up and get grippy it wont be able to slide in the corners thanks