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  1. Hi,


    I had bought a used aircon condensor and hardlines off someone and had been trying to put them in today but It seems impossible to get the end that connects to the actual aircon unit lined up at all.


    If you have a look at the pictures, particularly 1-1.jpg & 2.jpg you can see the connector (not sure what to call it) is pretty much 90 degrees in the wrong direction, if i try and turn the connector 90 degrees to fit into the aircon unit the piping before it is just fouling against the block. I've tried various different ways but it doesn't seem to fit.


    Have I got a hardline for maybe an s14 or an s15? I hadn't confirmed the model of car

    I've got a 180sx. All the other lines, condensor all line up perfectly, just not this one connector into the aircon unit.






  2. I just did a quote today with Shannons on the phone, wasn't really expecting much since I did a quote with them a couple of years ago just after turning 25, wanted to get other prices and compare. At the time, I think they wanted over 1300 a year.


    This time when I did it, they pretty much matched what my current Just Car one is. about $850 for premium, $500 excess and they increased the valuation of my car.


    Not sure who else I could really go through for insurance on a 180sx, especially being a daily driver.

    I did an online quote with NRMA (non vintage) and they wanted $850 premium and $800 excess but they didn't ask anything about mods so not sure if that would be a problem

  3. I finally replaced the retractor motor fuse that's hidden in the engine bay fuse box near the battery and my headlights now go up and back down as normal, except that when i turn my headlights on (or press the button) the headlights pop up but go down about an inch or so, it does it on both but more so the RHS one, and when i turn the lights off the lights go down but then pop up a little, again more so the RHS one.


    i've tried taking the fuse out and winding it to the max height then putting it back in but it just goes back to the lower position.


    I used to have the lazy eye thing but i took the switch out and re-soldered the wires cos i thought that had something to do with my lights not going up and down at all previously.


    Any Ideas?

  4. not sure whether this was still being organised or not but there was another post about a thing in hobart on 20th Jan, launnie people could meet up and head down if they were keen, not sure myself at the moment but it's something i could do if my car is ready (kind of had a bit of a mishap with a sign and my front quarter :(

  5. can try mid jan, if you think you can get enough interest in the time frame and people will want to do it prior to powercruise


    We could all also go to power cruise together ?


    yea sure can, depends what time people wanted to go, i think me and my brother got there around 10 maybe and there was a bit of a line up but everyone eventually gets in and out there.

    I'll hopefully be picking my car up on friday after a tune and upgrades, it's been months since i've driven it so i'll probably be driving it all weekend

  6. I just put a new SR20det engine in my 180 and i started it up today, the battery was dead so i jump started it, first things i noticed was it idled real low, about 500rpm, this could be because i haven't had a tune yet (i've added a heap of upgrades, fuel pump, injectors, ecu, turbo, afm).

    Another thing i noticed was a pretty loudish ticking noise coming from around the inlet manifold, at first i thought it might've been a cable flapping about but i grabbed onto everything and nothing stopped it.


    Also, at first it ran fine apart from those two issues above but i then shut it off and started it again a few times and it would just die straight away, is that cos the battery is so dead or is it another issue?


    I'm going to try and pull each injector and see if it changes the noise at all and i'm going to check for any leaks around the manifold. Is there anything else i should be checking or I can do?


    link to video of sound: