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  1. My house mate still has Kelly mkinnons r32 sitting in back yard. Shame he is such a lazy prick
  2. Hey guys looking at rebuilding my turbo Its a garrett t04s but all the kits i find for these have a different looking thrust plate The part numbers on the turbo return absolutley nothing and its starting to get very frustrating. Just wondering if anyone has any experience in this area and could tell me a good place to get hold of the right one Just in case it helps, here is my thrust plate most kits i find look like this one Buy Turbocharger repair kits of Garrett T04S, Turbocharger spare parts, Turbocharger spare parts, Turbocharger repair kits of Garrett T04S at Aliexpress.com
  3. Hey guys putting up my x81 mark 2 shell as an eoi This is an lx80 shell hence the ability to register it (last registered in south australia) previously converted to full jzx81 spec, was running 1jz etc with rear end converted to IRS Is complete rolling including all panels, suspension, lights and windows interior is semi removed but will include dash, (jzx81 digital), jzx81 seats, door skins with working windows etc, momo wheel and doubin din kenwood head unit Comes with welded diff and rear half shaft Has small amount of rust above rear bar and thats about it will come with mx83 rims Chasing $3500, possible to have manual 1jz mark 2 registered for around 8k. Cheap as Located in tasmania 0488277942 only pics i have at the moment are from when i drove it back from south australia few months back
  4. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Every event has a bit of down time and a few flaws it was fantasic to see some of the greats out there Yates in particular. But surely the obvious one here is lights instead of flags at night time. Common sense you would think but a lesson to be learned, might have made no difference to the outcome of the crash, but just saying
  5. WTAC - Aussie Driver shout outs + support messages!

    shout out to andrew considine go son!!! will be making the trip up to cheer you on and all the other aussie boys!!!! Cant wait
  6. The Disco Fire Cruise

    Na I'll still be paying ando no doubt lol Will be a great chance to break down
  7. The Disco Fire Cruise

    Should have my bus ready
  8. Helping a mate who has lost everything

    Good on ya fellas he will really appreciate it
  9. Is round 3 going to happen?

    well said disco if prac days go back to single car runs it would be the biggest fail ever, if your a noob and scared just back off and give the other guy some space its very easy lol dave you forgot to mention standing on the hill and jawing off about how much better you are than the rest of tasmania
  10. Helping a mate who has lost everything

    I'll make sure he reads this then dude
  11. Helping a mate who has lost everything

    He has done it aall without one hand out and by the age of twenty with no debt and an average wage. Just a shit load of hard work. That's why we are trying to help him and I don't feel rude at all for asking. It says don't feel obliged. If it was you in this possie I reakon I'd spare ya ten bucks Just saying
  12. Helping a mate who has lost everything

    Dave had Nothing to do with this it was all his mates, having had my pride and joy stolen I know how much he will appreciate any cent he is given. No one has to give, but if u ever lose your stuff mate you'll understand why we are asking Cheers
  13. Have a read boys all the info is in here Dave is a very close friend of mine, he deserves the help Cheers http://www.wreckem.com.au/the-dave-dennis-dealio-help-a-brosef-out/
  14. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    After some rims 17/18 needs chrome n dish cheers http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=495398
  15. Tassie Tuning Shops

    Another good tip I've found is to add timing till you can grab 4th less fuel helps with this Also