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  1. hi everyone, I need some advices on my friends Varietta. The roof won´t open, there´s just a flashing roof light when pressing the switch. Are there any fuses to check? Any sensors? Where can I find them? Maybe a wiring diagram? Thanks in advance! Benne
  2. no, nothing happens, just a flashing roof light
  3. Thanks guys! I found the fuse, it´s ok. Also found the 3 limit switches. Measured them, normally closed contacts, they are working properly.
  4. Eurospeedway Lausitz - Germany
  5. Check out his website: http://candyman.net.au/gallery.aspx
  6. yep, in some of the states you need a license plate only on the rear!
  7. looks like Chargespeed: http://www.chargespeed.com/english/silvia-s15-1-e1.htm
  8. Is it the Kumho KU36 on the rears?
  9. Is this the Yashio Factory Exhaust System?
  10. It is amazing, everytime!
  11. Yesterday I´ve done the first Nurburgring laps with my S15:
  12. the german Mellow Yellow Silvia Welcome here Viktor
  13. If the sun comes out today I´ll take some more...
  14. I choosed KSport. Its fully adjustable and works great on track. Quality is getting better and better and the prices are hot!