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  1. BSC products and side effects

    83kg at 176mm is quite solid But seriously, definitely look into resistance training and creating a deficit in your diet, quality foods are the biggest factor for sure. You dont have to necessarily go heavy on the weights if you have injury, but you can keep up the intensity with a few different techniques. Might want to ask your doctor about some natural weight loss aids like green tea and forms of carnitine and see what they say.
  2. best ab exercises

    Definitely diet > cardio. Of course abs are only going to be visible with a low BF% but as for exercises, try hanging leg raises, cable crunches, weighted decline sit ups etc. Mix it up because you'll find that just doing sit ups you'll adapt pretty quickly
  3. People dont like bulk nutrients because it doesnt come in a pretty tub haha. Its excellent stuff though, very high protein per serving, something like 89% for flavored, compare that to syntha 6. Mixes well too. If you want a weight gainer put some powdered oats in it
  4. My RB26 S15

    f**k yeah
  5. NBA Season 2011/2012

    Im just stoked the season is happening
  6. POWERTUNE Red Dragon

    It was already so loud, 4 inch will be awesome haha
  7. shipleys old ride bought back to life.

    Was wondering what happened to this, will be good to see how it turns out
  8. HI From Penrith! NEW HERE!

    Ah thats sweet, there's a BP in wallacia on mulgoa road too so plenty of places to get ultimate haha. There are a couple of us who go for drives locally, youre welcome to come next time we go, usually a couple of s15s and a couple of evos.
  9. MMA chat

    My friend trains MMA full time at EFG and ive done some conditioning and some BJJ classes with him, best thing you can do is go in there and give it a shot. If you cant jog for 30 mins though you will probably die during a 1hr bjj session
  10. People on low carb/no carb diets

    Of course you saw better changes from diet then from training, ever heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen? If you want to go lowcarb, from personal experience it takes a little while to get used to but now my #1 food source comes from protein i am finding better results with my training. You'd be better off reading up about carb/nutrient timing rather then just following a diet some girl lost 8kg on. Unless your goal is to fit into that bikini for summer regardless of muscle mass. How come you buy so much fast food? do you not have a kitchen? Its not hard to steam some broccoli and have some tins of tuna for dinners. I can think of very few fast food options that are going to help you meet any goals.
  11. Where to get nistune in Sydney

    If you are just after a board with a nistune chip installed on it then im sure most workshops can do it for you but they arent going to be 'tuned' so to speak. Powertune
  12. Cholesterol levels..

    If youre worried about it then why not have it tested? Obviously bacon and eggs is going to have more of an impact on your cholesterol then say oatmeal and fruit but if the rest of your diet is very clean i wouldnt worry too much
  13. Pads for S15?

    Actually have been using hawk ceramics in my S15 and ive found them awesome so far, excellent stopping even when fairly warm