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  1. Weez's 2JZ 180SX

    looks good, get some engine bay picks up
  2. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    looks really good man, if i get another drifter def will be using these guy's for my cage
  3. Price : $1,050 Condition : New Hi guys got a brand new set of enkei rpf1's 17x9 +22 all round still in the boxes 114.3 5 stud 0420989095 sms me
  4. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    thanks man, yeah i knoe i didnt want to but cause i didnt do forward facing plenum didnt really have much choice, lets just say after i drove it my face was like haha you got same setup on your car yeah? Yep same turbo but 8cm rear and HKS cams Oh that would be interesting to see once tuned Coming members day in December with it?
  5. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    was going to go but im quite broke now after doing this car haha thanks man f**k you thanks man, yeah i knoe i didnt want to but cause i didnt do forward facing plenum didnt really have much choice, lets just say after i drove it my face was like haha you got same setup on your car yeah? thanks alot man, yeah hopefully it will be reliable sorta half the reason why i went rb haha
  6. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    big update alot has happened since last update after last winton day a rb25 came up really cheap off a good mate so decided to do the conversion this car now has rb25 series 1 t67 hybrid manifold tial 44mm gate splitfire coilpacks 800cc injectors microtech ltx12 removable rad support racing logic coilovers 9kg front 7kg rear genuine aero front bar aero side skirts some sort of rear pods r32 gtr spoiler defi gauges 2up roof spoiler took the car to trent and cat last week(chequred tuning) made 310rwkw on 17.8psi it will be at members day in december for its first outing like this
  7. kris's A31 Cefiro

    i reckon will look good once painted
  8. I have from just jap it fitted pretty good for a fibreglass, just i reckon wait around for a plastic one to pop up though because the fibreglass is very flimsy
  9. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    OKKKKKAYYYYYY this has been a while since i last updated, alot of shit has changed sold some stuff bought some stuff ill try update everyone with what i remember was gonna strip this back to sr20de and put back to standard and sell it cause i bought a ke and was gonna put running gear in that anyway got over that, decided to stick with this put a sr20de +t in it with sr box,td05 etc made 200rwkw went good for 10mins after the tune acuator line came off bammm 30psi bam one less cylnder lol so that next day or to i took it to my mates troys and we put the det in it and rb25 box took it down to sam dr drift made 220rwkw the goal is to get better with this power then put td06 on etc also between all this bought enkei rpf01's and running no kit
  10. sr20det tomei poncams td05 18g z32 850cc injectors 220rwkw 18psi the thing BAKES
  11. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    when you going down to franks muski? ill come down
  12. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used For sale: Kinguwana td06l2 Brae manifold hpc coated precision 46mm gate Front./dump to suit setup and bolt straight onto standard cat position everything came off my sr20det the turbo and manifold are 3 bolt flange $1500 for everything 0449935304
  13. Price : $2,000 Condition : Used FOR SALE KE70 1984 Hey guy's selling my ke70 due to need money to go oversea's. The body isnt in the best condition has a few dints here and there and rear quarters are abit rusty.usaul spots The car will come with EVERYTHING im gonna write just minus engine and gearbox,all you need for this car is a sr20 and manual gearbox and everything will drop in and run and drive Whole s13 front end(k-frame,hubs,knuckles,lcas etc) tein monoflex coilovers(2way height,damper,camber) 1 piece tailshaft r31 diff with 4.1 ratio 3inch cat back exhuast hydraulic handbreak 4 point half cage(meets the new schedule j requirments) s14 brake booster and master cylnder rear has kyb short shocks 6kg rear springs s14 steering column power steering bride zeta II batery in boot switch board 15x7.5 0 offset southern way meshies on front There would be a few things i forgot i will add them when i remember as i said guys this car just needs engine and gearbox and its ready to slide. SMS only 0449935304 for inquries and pictures $2000 or $1500 and suply your own front wheels
  14. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

    car looks good mate really like what you done with it, also what rear flares are they off?
  15. My New Type X and Sr20 cefiro

    haha thought so, looks good man keep them same colour just slam it lol