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  1. how much do you's want for them? sms me a price or call me
  2. hi everyone im after a a set of 4 silvia s13 stock rims dont have to be in the best of condition and doesnt bother me if they have tyres or not call or msg me on 0430528371
  3. hi boys and girls this might so dumb but im knew to the jap seen had holdens and shit all my life anyway i just bought a skyline r32 gts and i relised its 4 stud and the gts-t are 5 stud just wondering is there anyway i can convert it to 5 stud? any help apreciated
  4. Whats the best turbo upgrade for a sr20 without having to do too many mods, i currently have the stock t25 and wondering wat the best upgrade would be.
  5. so is the the T28 bb? does it have a more indepth name i should use or is there only one kind of t-28?