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  1. hey guys im looking at spraying my rocker cover due to it being scracted etc just wondering if anyone knoes the paint code for the black? any help will be appreciated thanks
  2. Jezza's Onevia *engine complete*

    looks good man put ca front bar and lip,im sure this is your inspiration
  3. ...

    im in the western suburbs..but i dont mind travelling and i can take the car to them or watever is easyer
  4. kkr turbo rebuild

    hey guys i got a kkr330 turbo its blowing smoke but it doesnt have any shaft play or anything like that just wondering if anyone in melbourne does rebuilds on kkr's and what would it be just the seals?
  5. hey guys im in the process of cleaning of my engine bay in my s13 just wondering i wanna get rid of the overflow bottle in my engine bay and hide it somewere or get rid of it just wondering if anyone has any ideas of where to put it or in what direction i could go? thanks
  6. yeah thanks for the help i already spoke to someone im just gonna weld the radiator up and run nothing
  7. love how this thing is all mismatched panels keep it up man
  8. hey guys today i went to go start my 180sx sr20 hasnt been started for a week anyway went to go start it and the battery was flat anyway tryed to jump start it change batterys etc and still either just clicking or it will turn over for a second and then stop just wondering what it could be? thanks
  9. Chidge's Type-X

    yeh put some 225s on there mate shouldnt look as bulky then otherwise looks good man just needs low and type x rear pods and valance
  10. tristans 180sx

    hey guys sold my r32 skyline and was in the market for something different was looking for a 180 had about 5.5 to play with and was looking on carsales saw a champaine 180, sr20?yep ,manual?yep ,rego? yep he wanted 6.6 thought f**k it ill go have a look was only 10 minutes away,anyway went had a look looked pretty clean ran perfect took it for a drive was surging for fuel when you gave it abit anyway ended up getting him down to 4900 which i was wrapt with anyway drove it home next day went and bought a bosch 040 and a new set of plugs chucked them both in and fixed the problem specs of the car from when i bought it nissan 180sx blacktop sr20 with reciepts from holsford motors manual exedy heavy duty clutch hsd coilovers 3inch catback exhuast some gay meshies type x seats drove around for a couple weeks for abit got bored and ive always wanted a sil80 so i asked my mate for a joke if he will swap his s13 front end for mine and he said yes so that same night we swapped over and since then its been sitting in my garage and ive been collecting parts and getting it ready for paint since then i have bought nissan aero side skirts genuine r32 gtr front seats t28 bush bearing turbo no shaft play gktech braided lines jdm s15 injectors bosch 040 2up roof spoiler for now im just getting the car ready for paint im spraying it the same colour should be ready for paint this weekend anyway i only got few shit photos from my phone when i swaped the front ends nothing was allined proply in the photos will get some proper picks of what it looks like now tomorow here are the next shit on my list to do in no order z32 afm type x rear pods spray car fit everything and take to get it remaped and tuned then wheels,suspension skid it etc etc
  11. tristans 180sx

    okay well the car is ready for paint just looking for a new boot hopefully i can find a type x boot with the holes already if anyone has one pm me, the progress is slow due to me not having a job atm anyway i bought type x rear pods,type x side skirts,type x spoiler,type x rear lights,put a deposit on my type x front bar i will be picking it up on feb 13-15 cause it was coming from japan i also put the t28 on the braided lines and gave her a service now just to wait for my front bar to come and get the *milkshake* sprayed
  12. anyone knoe what boot wing that is?
  13. hey guys ive got a blacktop 180sx had it for a couple months now just lately when i start the car when its cold if i try to rev it abit or try to drive it when its cold its like it chocks? just wanna knoe if anyone has a idea of what is cause when it warms up its fine but yeh any help appreciated

    also spotted on sunshine ave a white ke70 on gold meshies looked really good think its xris off here
  15. Archie motionless s13

    feeeeeeeeekkkkk bit of a project on your hands mate

    spotted mark in his red s14 at kealba carwash looking good as usaul
  17. ca18det ke70

    carnt wait to see this thing in action you going drift fest mate?
  18. 91 S13 Silvia

    looking good man carnt wait to see this thing on some old school rims with a bit of gaurd work
  19. looks really good man what size and offset are they rims the rears sit perfect
  20. tristans 180sx

    heres a pick of how its sits atm

    my car atm getting ready for paint

    r31 has solid rear axel so rubs like crazy already as you can see no writing left in the tyres, theyre superlites 15x8 -4 haha fair enough mate well yeh looks really good love them rims on r31s

    spotted yesterday in taylors lakes a white s15 on bronze xt7's looked really good
  24. My 1999 S15

    love that centre console man so different you just buy some fabric off ebay or something?