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    okay guy's about a month ago went for wheel alightment with the 180sx couldnt get it straight so im guessing its been in a big hit or something anyway i wanted to get to winton for the march practise day and wanted a car ready so i went out and bought this s13 sr20de auto




    anyway only had a couple weeks to built it so i got started on it straight away and plan was to transfer everything from the 180 to this plus alot of extras




    then took the car off to my mate troy's house (DISTROY GARAGE) which without him none of this could of got done so fast THANKS TROY :hug:


    at the same time i was buying alot of parts
















    anyway me and troy well mostly troy put it all tegother with the help of the team TEAM CHAULKIN lol













    anyway once we put it all tegother it was off to franks ALLSPARKS for a tune


    it made 138rwkw on 17psi with 11 degress timing and afr was at 11.5 so very safe, i was very happy with it THANKS FRANK lol


    between all this i decided to go onvia and buy all the kouki aero parts e reppp points gezzzzzzz


    made it to winton :)








    wasnt happy how the car felt all day but the car was built in 2 weeks and wasnt use to it but oh well thats the fun of it :)


    half way during the day hit a ripple strip





    and i just wanna say a big thanks to troy(distroy garage) this car wouldnt be nowere near what it is now if it wasnt for you thanks ,mazza for driving me around everywere haha,jake for standing on my engine thanks bro LOL,ash,david and clint.


    anyway had alot of fun and i have entered for member days in april so just getting my car ready for then will keep everyone updated :)

  2. looks good mad buy type x lights n areo stuff n she be sweeeet team chaulkin` churrrrr


    yeah type x lights definatly on the list chuuuurrrrr


    wen u go 5 stud let me know if u wanna sell the wheels mate, nice find btw


    yeah rims are for sale pm sent



    Also update bought a 2up roof spoiler will paint it and get picks up :)

  3. looks like a good find dude. fairly clean too. dunno about the white steering wheel though :lol:


    yeah im happy with the find, yeah dw im getting a nardi for it just dono if im gonna go classic or the dish


    I was hoping for ghetto.... looks clean though!


    yeah it will prob get abit ghetto




    chur chur team chaulkin

  4. Hey guy's stripped my type x a couple months ago biggest regret :( went to the dark side and bought a holden only took me a month or to before i had to buy another jap car chuuurr..


    was trolling threw nissansilvia classified and saw this 180sx with alot of gear on it so i thought i would go have a sus.. went home had a think about 1 hour later i was back there signing the transfer papers haha


    Anyway here's a run down of the car


    Nissan ONEVIA





    HKS 2835

    triskits cooler kit

    tomei poncam's

    tial 38mm gate

    z32 afm

    apexi power fc

    800cc injectors

    3" Turbo back Exhaust gktech

    GKTECH Rocker Arm Stoppers

    Midnight Mods Baffled Sump

    52mm dual core ASI Radiator

    sunbury clutches 5 puck



    BC coilovers

    Powered by Max Upper camber arm

    Powered by Max rear toe arm

    Solid Aluminum Steering Shaft Spacer

    Tomei 2 Way LSD

    midnight mods solid subframe riser's

    jjr castor rod's

    jjr thicker rack end's




    nardi deep dish steering wheel

    bride brix 1.5

    checkered floor matt's

    safety 21 7point full cage



    type x front bar with lip

    aero side skirts

    type x read pods and valance

    work mx xx 17x9+11 front

    r33 gtr 17x9+30 rear




    Anyway plans for this car are chuch 5 stud on i got laying here,get injectors, put z32 afm on and get power fc get a tune and half cage,distroy knuckles and a few other things and see everyone at matsuri :)






  5. Yeah I am gonna make one for sure man I finally got my build fotos on the laptop so I can make it I'll do a combined build thread Hachi and sil80



    And I cannot wait to see what power u make with the turbo u got hopefully u motivate me to get my sil tuned need z32 and Injectors tho



    haha good as :)


    yeah i carnt wait either man hopefully in the next couple weeks.. with the injectors do what i said and z32 mazza is going to get you one :)

  6. Saw it at winton i think. i hardly see imports when im driving lol


    yeah would of seen it at winton :)




    ay your external gate setup and turbo setup is ready for pick up come up tomoro night smile.png


    f**kkking oath, make a thread troy of your 86 NOW!!!!!


    and sweet thanks alot man ill see you tomorrow :)