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  1. woah looks tops Tristan! nice one
    thanks man :) saw your car at frank's it looks good as, heard your putting 3076r on it?
    thanks mang, haha yeah frank tuned it this morning made 290rwkw see you guys at winton real soon!


    WOW :woot: thats good power man, yeah hopefully see you at winton soon




    Can i ask how much do you pay for a typeX style kit like you have? Only interested as i will be looking in to it soon.


    front bar 550

    side skirts 200

    rear pods and valance 200

    type x lights 400


    thats everything sorta cheap mate just look around and youll find good deals

  2. Looks tuff tristan, how much did u pay for the rotas?


    Who's this? And 650 off a good mate smile.png

    Rhys, that's cheap as wat a bargain smile.png


    yeah thanks :)



    That is awesome dude, love the Type-X style kits. The wheels look sik. Looks way better with the 180 front :)


    thanks mate, yeah im really happy with how it came out :)

  3. Update
















    Car is full type x now bought a genuine front bar with fibreglass lip

    bought some rota's AGAIN lol

    18x9.5 +20

    18x9.5 +30

    bought a walBRO fuel pump

    lower bracket's for the isc coilovers s14 one's so it goes lower..thanks ryan :)

    power fc


    everything is in will be getting a tune in the next week or to hopefully try make it to winton this month

  4. [quote name=Sil80power' date='10 October 2011 - 10:43 PM' timestamp='1318246270'


    Jake bro thanks for the rep yo haha ur cars looking tuff u sik Kent for

    200kw this thing fkn chalks bro weldone at winton aswell especially for a wheel alignment done all by eye

    Can't wait for future mods


    Dw bro I owe it all to u and Tristan!

    Can't wait for td06 setup and big boost!


    Thanks bro it was worth it all after I took it for a slide lastnight :P

  5. For 160kw and 1st time on the track you destroyed it man!!! Time for some more power!!!



    thanks jake :)



    YEAH im cool cause i got the bonnet off:whistle:




    small update bought a td05 18g and hks 38mm gate so will be putting that on including my injectors,z32 and will be buying some 256/264 cams and power fc and going for a tune hoping for around 220-230 responsive,


    on other new's a little suprise :P