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  1. Good choice of wheels man car is gonna look sick tomorrow!



    thanks damo :)



    Well went to winton yesterday for my first ever time,


    Started off in d class which was quite gay but oh well after doing 2 laps of the track i got put into c class :)


    Had alot of fun on the main track except the flow,had to keep stoping all the time,other then that i loved it, my car ran perfect all day only till the last sesion it started leaking gearbox oil from somewere and i thought i would call it a day.


    didnt really take any picks but a few mate's did so when i get them i will load them up :)


    before the next practise day i want to make atleast 200kw just deciding what setup i should do,


    Anyway there will be a few updates in the next few days so stay tuned..

  2. Hey guys got a few parts for sale if you have any inquries SMS or call me on 0449935304


    s13/180sx safety 21 half cage 5 point $400 FIRM


    1.japewarehouse caster rod's only used for 1 track day in perfect working order $150


    2.Bosch 040 fuel pump in perfect working order

    $50 firm


    3.japewarehouse rear toe arms only used 1 track day $100


    4.t25 turbo minimal shaft play perfect working order



    5. BRIDE Fabric Sheets.Brand New, Not rough cut done with a machine ready to be used!

    Size: 1.5m x 1m

    $100 firm

  3. nice dishhhh yo!!!! car is looking the goods...


    thanks mate



    not really anthing to update just been getting the car ready for winton,bought a bride low max gias,catch can,gonna service it this weekend and go for another wheel alingnment to chech everything hopefully everthing will be all good

  4. Hey guys if your interested in the part's for sale contact me on 0449935304


    1. Pair of Genuine Work Cr Kai's in Bronze

    18x9.5 +38 114.3 x5

    both wheel's are in good condition no buckles,no gutter rash,have tyre's on them but they only got about 30% left


    $400 FIRM




    2. Bride Low Max Seat

    bought from japewarehouse a couple of months ago still brand new looks identical to genuine

    comes with rail to suit ae86 does not come with harness in pick




  5. so i

    i rang vic roads to find out about registering my 180 as a 2 seater. the lady i spoke to said i didnt have to register it as a 2 seater. she said if i wanted to remove the rear seats all i had to do to make it legal was remove the rear seat belts so that i couldn't possibly take passengers.



    When i got canaryed a couple of months ago and i had my rear seats out of my 180sx, they wrote on the defect list rear seat's and next to it engineer,so it was either engineer it or put them back in so i dont knoe how true that is mate