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  1. idle drops when stopping!

    This happens to me also. When im braking hard enough and im in third gear. and chuck it in neutral. Revs just drop all the way near bottom, then goes back. Worried it mite stall. Anyone know what problem is?
  2. dump pipes

    cheers. How much are the gktech single dumps?
  3. dump pipes

    Ok so ive searched around but couldnt find much information in comparison. Im gonna get new dump pipe. I know most people go for the Gktech HKS dump pipe. Anyone had experience with the bellmouth styled ones that midnight mods sell? Anyone recommend which is better? thanks
  4. Remove turbo

    Ok my other question is, If i remove turbo and manifold and realise the manifold gasket is still good? can i still use it? (assuming i might have an s15 multi layer in there)? I mostly removing turbo due to missing bolts.
  5. Remove turbo

    Well im thinking of just replacing the dump pipe gasket. Ive got a stock dump, so planning to upgrade the dump pipe anyway. But the whole mechanic saying need to check for other bolts around turbo does concern. Ive got locking tabs on the turbo gasket. Anyone around Knox area. that might be friendly enough to pop by and have a look?
  6. Remove turbo

    So i went to mechanic to to fix and exhaust leak. Found out i had bolts missing from core to exhaust housing and dump pipe bolts missing. He also said that theres 2 bolts that he couldnt get on to because it the turbo or dump needs to be taken off? Would anyone know where abouts these bolts would be located?? pictures would be great he also recomended removing the turbo to check all bolts for security and replace the dump pipe gasket. I can allready feel one of the turbo to dump pipe bolts loosened allready. Should i go ahead and change all the three gaskets and remove turbo and manifold? Or just replace the turbo to dump pipe gasket for now? thanks
  7. blwon engine or turbo?

    So the mechanic said that theirs two bolts he couldnt manage to get on because its to hard to get on it without taking turbo off He also said that the bolts may also come off again because of this or because the turbo gaskets need to be replaced. Does this sound right? that the gaskets need to be replaced in order that the bolts dont come off again?? Or could bolts possibly come off due to another reason??
  8. Anyone around melb got a turbotech boost controller laying around and Apexi turbo timer for sale? Looking to buy ASAP. spiking like no tomorrow. lol trying to get one by this week as im going for a drive over the weekend. Also after a GKtech dump pipe. brand new or 2nd doesnt matter Cheers
  9. Anyone got these tech tracks by any chance?

    Yeh i know what you mean. But my guess is its gonna be leaked out on blogs soon enough. I jsut want to hear the full version right now. coz the sample sounds solid Along with 2376123781263127 other samples i want to download. lol
  10. electro / house

    Nuh mate i know which one you talking about the jurgen paape - take that t-rek mix T-rek released another one just recently thats actually a vinyl and gotta be bought of beatport Check out the sample on beatport.
  11. Trying to find these two tracks all over net. Cant find anywhere T-rek - take that (orkestrated 'tfu' remix) John baptiste - dodge the morse (orkestrated remix) Yes yes i know adam bartas LOl But quality trackssss If anyone has them that'd be sweet
  12. electro / house

    Im trying to find these two tech songs thats out in clubs atm. T-rek - take that (orkestrated 'tfu' remix) John Baptiste - dodge the morse (orkestrated remix) Heard samples on beatport. sounds kouta. Anyone got these for download by any chance?
  13. blwon engine or turbo?

    Sweet i dont mind trying things myself. Is there any DIY or write up on gasket replacements? As for locking tabs? how much are they and what do they look like?
  14. Gasket and studs replacement

    Is there a number ?
  15. Hey anyone recomended workshops or know how much it cost to replace turbo manifold, dump pipe gaskets and studs too. (labour take off turbo and put back on aswell) melbourne