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  1. Welder recommendations

    Which model did you go for? Is the foot pedal and/or plasma worth the extra cash?
  2. Welder recommendations

    so i just got my $1000 tools for trade, looking at ac/dc tigs. cannot decide, i was heading in the unimig brand direction but it seems to be the same as some of this cheaper stuff. hmmmm recommendations?
  3. I have three stories all pretty bad, don't judge. First story was at a friends house party and was just sort of seeing this girl. Anyway took her into the bed room with the lights off and started getting into it. Thought i was a machine because she felt so wet. Blew my load then go reaching for the lights on the wall, missing it a few times. Finally turn the lights on and look at the wall, its covered in blood from where i had been reaching, look down, blood everywhere. It was like a horror movie. Walked out of the room completely starkers, mid party, looking like rapist murderer, to walk to the bathroom to clean myself up. Second story similar situation except everyone was talking in the lounge room. I went to the bed room with a girl and this time I knew she was on the rags so she was giving me a blow job. I blew in her face and walked back into the lounge room and sat down. She walks in and sits down, one of my friends starts singing the shampoo song "Decorete" while running his fingers through his hair and everyone else joined in. With a confused look on her face she looks at me, I looked at her and can see cum through her hair LOL. Third and final story was rooting a single mum, she was on top. Going away at it, then slowly the door creeps open and her 2 year old son walks in. She lays on top of me, nothing sus. The kid walks up to the side of the bed and tries to pull the sheets away. Im holding onto the sheets for dear life, the kid starts thinking its a game laughing and pulling harder. Boner killed.
  4. Australian Defence Force info

    Honestly you still get treated pretty shit compared to a normal unit regardless. They also stab you to be seco and 2IC on the bush weeks as you have experience. The only real benefit is living off base, which i STRONGLY suggest you do if not already. As far as self pace goes, depends on what course your doing. The mechanic course is entirely self paced and i have seen someone actually finish it in 12 months. The fitter course is half self paced and half lock step course, if your stars align you can be lucky and get out quite early like i did, not actually sure about the boffin and elec course. I did have fun and made some good new mates there also learned A LOT, worth the pineapples for the trade.
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    If you got any questions i recently finished my time at the school. Currently on OJT in Brisbane as a fitter. Was artillery air defence before, best choice i made was to transfer even though i missed the afghan trip.
  6. xx

    I was lucky Rapid Performance was there otherwise my weekend would have been over before it begun with a cracked thermostat housing from an over torqued bolt. The gazelle held up all weekend and i only had about 3 close calls with the wall on the straight lol
  7. was so wet at the end of the day became so hard to go in a line without looping lol
  8. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    anyone get any vids? would love to see them editted or not!
  9. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    i cant wait to see some more vids
  10. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    yes was evan reddings old rig, first weekend driving it and i am very happy with the purchase do need a new gearbox as scncro's are gone
  11. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    yes! awesome pics again you guys are great
  12. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    was in class C, Orange S12 Gazelle number 316C. Thanks!
  13. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    yeah i was in the s12, it definately started chewing threw them when i was trying third gear for most of the corners lol
  14. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    yeah i pitted next to Toli, gave me some good advice cheers for that! i cam so excited to see this footage haha
  15. VicDrift Practice Day - November 2011

    I still cant get over how well the event was run, i had so many runs that by the last session i ran out of tyres petrol lol. If anyone else had vids or pics of the orange s12 gazelle i would love to see them as it was first time on track and in that car, thanks!