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  1. best bass songs for cars

    hi guys, just wondering what songs do you find gives you the best bass in your car as me and friends are always on the look out for new bassy songs to test in our cars, and I'm sure many others are as well. i'll start with a few off the top of my head T-pain ft. akon - your not the same USDA - white girl Tay dizim ft. T-pain and rick ross - beam me up list away cheers
  2. s13 power windows help !

    i might just try and solder it first if it saves me $50 cheers mate
  3. s13 power windows help !

    yer i will be re soldering it when i have time but have to find the time thanks for the help guys cheers mick
  4. If i was your mates boss i wouldnt have fired him i would have literally killed him if he took my car and started thrashing, especially a Grange lol yer i dont know why he his boss didnt fire him, its stupid isnt it
  5. i have never been fired, but nearly did one day while i was working as a cleaner at the show, me and a couple of mates were using the walkie talkies to play pranks on one another, long story short i get a team leader comes up to ME ONLY and threatens to get me sacked.. one of the workers at the show did get fired because while we were cleaning tables he was picking up the left over food and eating it, half eaten corn cobbs, bits of half chewed chicken and other random scraps ( he was a bit of a pig ) so yer he sat down to finish off a pizza and the team leader told him to go home and never come back... lol the funniest thing is he didnt know what he done wrong and my mate nearly got sacked for taking out his bosses WH grange and rippin fishes down the road in it
  6. teen sends 14,528 text in one month

    lol she bet me and i thought i was bad when i first got with my ex, in 2 weeks i got $1000 phone bill and sent over 1000 txts i had to sell my old exa to pay for the bill oh well i got a silvia now
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Wanna be a baller - lil troy
  8. Hi All!

    hey mate nice s13, looks schmick, spewin about the defect but..
  9. s13 power windows help !

    lol i will have to eventually but the door slamming works good for now
  10. s13 power windows help !

    i have already answered your question mate, dont make me pull out the idiot spray and spray you i know you did i was simply asking what the part was called and how much they were, thats all
  11. s13 power windows help !

    ive found out that it is not fixed but when it doesn't work i just knock that black box around a little bit and they work again .. does anyone know what that box is called and rough price ??? cheers
  12. thanks mate will do ....
  13. hey mate skyline sounds good post some pics up
  14. do you know a rough price range on gettin suspension done ??? i think ive seen some coil overs for around $800 but i guess you get what you pay for thanks for all the help guys cheers mick
  15. yer it sounds like the exhaust is a bit too big for it so i think i might look into that .. as for suspension mods would i be best off just getting lowered springs or should i put in new coil overs and adjustable ???