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  1. For sale: Set of 5 R33 GTR wheels, with tyres. Price: $1200 firm. Condition: Rims are straight and balance well. Clear is flaking on 3 of the wheels, and 2 of them have minor rash (would sand out easy) Comes with 4x 235 45 17 federal ss and 1x 245 45 sumitomo tyres. Most have bad camber wear but still driveable. Location: Mildura, Vic. Also willing to ship, at expense to buyer. PM me if you have any questions. Alternatively you can message me on 04234133 two five
  2. S15 parts for sale

    Subframe sold. pending payment.
  3. S15 parts for sale

    Hey guys selling some stuff I dont need. Got a brand new VCT cam gear. Bought it from Taarks a while ago thinking mine was on its way out. Changed my oil and the rattle went away. I was going to hold onto it just in case but I need some cash so its going. $400+ postage and its yours Also have a S15 subframe from my car leftover from my rear end swap. Perfect for a Spare to fix up while still driving your car/ swap into a S13 ect Its straight but the bushes are shagged. Owes me $50 I can supply more photos buy request. Contact me via PM. -Josh.
  4. [VIC] 99 Jdm S15 - Well sorted and clean s15

    One on melbs15.com mate
  5. Lookin good Neil! Definetly a step above the average street s-chassis!
  6. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Looks awesome dude! got some balls cutting up the guards like that lol
  7. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Ive got some Havoc gear on my S15, Abe's work is top notch!
  8. Price : $300 Condition : Used FS: JDM nissan factory option fog lights for s15. Comes with factory stalk switch for that oem look. HKS polished alloy intake pipe. To suit s13/180sx sr20det Comes with all hoses, clamps for direct bolt-in. Reason for sale: decided not to fit these to my car. Location: Mildura, Vic. Willing to post Aus wide at cost to buyer. Asking price: Fog lights $300 Intake pipe: $120
  9. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Future plans for my S15 is to go RB also ill be keeping an eye on this thread for sure! Looks good man!
  10. done

    Nice build so far man! Love z32's, I wish I could be arssed putting more effort into my N/A. Always good to see a clean example, keep it up
  11. Darcy - S15

    Looks good man! how much power are you getting with all that at the moment?
  12. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    f**k man, saw this on carsales yesterday, I was going to give him a call, wayyy to cheap to let it slide past! Advans look sick man, enjoy!!
  13. Custom spacers

    have spoken to a couple of machine shops they want me to provide cad drawings 0_o what site on the us locky? going to give wheeljerx a call and tempe other wise f**k it will chuck a hilux rear end in the *milkshake* CAD drawings? lazy *milkshakes* lol. If anybody wanted us to make them at work, depending on what you wanted you could either just provide a basic drawing, of you could leave a wheel/ hub at the shop for precise measurements/fitting. Or even a old spacer that can be used to re engineer to the size needed. There not hard to make, dont even need a CNC. A lathe, pedestal drill and a half a brain for the maths is all thats needed.