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  1. noticed there was a small oil leak in my driveway. prob looses 4/5 drops each time i park it. is this serious? will try to post some photos up tmr
  2. Pair of used R34 GTR driver and passenger seats with adaptor plates to suit Silvia S15/S14/S13/180sx. Rails have not been modified. Simply remove the adaptor plates to fit to GTR Overall good condition Small tears on drivers side from seat belt (see photos) Pickup only from Newport VIC. Or buyer to organise courier. Asking $2,000 PM if interested
  3. BUMP Price updated Cooler can be posted!
  4. Melb hail

    I have my car parked outside today when the golf ball sized hail hit melb. saw pics of my friends tida and its got dints all over the place. mines still in the rain. cant see cos its still raining. anyone have any damage done to their cars?
  5. S15 Parts - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used Hey guys needing funds for my SR20 build Slightly negotiable on price but please no low ball offers JDM AERO S15 bumper grills (with fog light hole) Used and was a spare for my car. $190 S15 ignition barrel, 3 locks and 2 original keys. Used. Was a spare for my car but decided not to swap it over. Price: $200 S14/S15 HKS Super Drager Exhaust. Few scratches/ dings (see photos). Price $550 4 genuine bronze NISMO LMGT4. Specs: Stud spacing: 5 x 114.3 F: 17X8.5 +30 offset (235/45/17)(90% tread) R: 17X9.5 +38 offset (255/45/17)(90% tread) Tyres: Kumho Ecsta - tyres are pretty much brand new and costs $700 new. Bad points: gutter rash on rims. 1 rear rims has been repaired but still holds air. Cheap price reflects this. Price: $1400 S15 matt black headlight covers Was originally cracked and was repaired and painted black. Price: $100 Rockford Fosgate 2ch amp Used and was working when I upgraded my sound system $80 BLITZ Super Sound BOV and Pipe Used $190 Stock Airbox, snorkel and filter Used $180 All items can be picked up SE Melbourne Genuine buyers PM me.
  6. S15 antenna

    Got a issue with the radio with JDM S15. pluged up the headunit and the only channel i can really get a clear signal is Triple J. rest are a bit fuzzy. Is it the car or have i wired the harness incorrectly? Is this common in s15?
  7. Fine this morning, but when i got home and removed the key, the car wouldnt turn off. ECU faulty?
  8. Ill have look at it tomorrow. Is there anything else it could be?
  9. had to stall it Didnt know what else to do
  10. Was told by a mate that there are new model Power FCs comming out from Japan in late April 2010. Supposed to be better and more refined? Anyone else hear about this? http://www.apexi.co.jp/ cant read jap
  11. dying for some s15 rear pods. anyone selling/ know someone selling/ know where i can get replicas?
  12. New 2010 power fc

    Im not sure if its for all models or not. The units that were priced (1600) are brand new (new model starting production?). Im unsure if they need the Z32 AFM mod or not.
  13. thats some crazy piping.
  14. what do you need to do to keep it legal in vic? and it does mean that you cant take passengers in the back right? do undercar bracing add to the chassis rigidity in a S15?
  15. starter motor

    check the fuses? alternator?
  16. Just curious what the cheapest fuel day in melb? Whats the lowest and highest youve paid for 98 octane?
  17. Just want to know has anyone been defected for 18% tint?
  18. Window Tint Defect

    was it a fine as well? How much do defect fines normally cost?
  19. Window Tint Defect

    will they still insure me with 18%?
  20. Window Tint Defect

    How about insurance companies?
  21. Just wondering if all nissan power fc hand controllers are interchangeable. say one from a skyline or a 180 will fit into a s15 pfc ecu?
  22. Power FC

    I guess its best if i buy the PFC HC and ECU matching together. Just a real noob question to ask, what else is needed apart from a PFC ECU, HC, and tune. I know about the AFM for non Djetro versions, but are there additional pieces i need to control boost? additional sensors?