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  1. rims for a r34 25gt

  2. S15 FMIC

    its a pretty simple mod, take off your front bar measure and cut front reo so the front mount fits take out battery and either relocate to the boot and put it in sideways cut a hole with a holesaw into the battery tray, obviously check where its gonna sit from the piping connect up and check for leaks put everything back together
  3. Tail lights on when car is off!?!?! HELP

    its your brake light stopper. jump in your footwell and push the brake pedal back towards the firewall, you will see it connect with a small shaft coming out of the switch, just find a small bolt or glue another piece onto your pedal. just make sure if you put a bolt its not too long and holds your brakes on while your driving
  4. Speedo

    speedo sensor mate, its attached to your gearbox http://lmgtfy.com/?q=s14+speedo+sensor more than likely just need a new one, should be able to pick it up off any wreck. try nisswreck for starters they have a good supply of nissan parts. otherwise try chris"s jdm sale page on facebook heaps of import shit there
  5. battery location

    is there a reason why? from what ive read batteries are better off in the boot as they get less heat and therefore last longer?
  6. chasing advice; re: insurance

    ah ok, i have my own insurance so his insurance company will call mine and i will pay excess for my insurance right?
  7. I reversed into a parked car this morning in my ute, no one was around so I left a note to call me. damaged the front quarter panel of this guys subaru but no damage to my ute. do I call my insurance company or will old mate call his and I pay his excess? not really sure how it works??
  8. Plastdip who rates it

    i have it on the wheels of my d40 navara, i didnt use the gloss can over the top and it faded within a week and now looks like balls, my friend did the same but put the plasti dip clear coat (or glossifier whatever its called) over the top and his looked great for months before he took it off
  9. Purplesil80's.....not so purple sil80..

    few updates, nothing too major - i fixed a connection in behind the cluster that was stopping one of the backlights from lighting up, and changed the gearbox oil as it hadn't been changed since i bought it a year ago relocated battery to the boot, pretty happy with the way it turned out other new stuff is a water temp gauge and boost gauge that my wife bought me for christmas, they're just no name cheapy stuff but seem to be working well at the moment also got a chance to paint my front bar, i just followed a mighty car mods diy video to give it a go, suprisingly turned out quite well for my first crack at something like this
  10. My Sileighty aka Noah

    this looks mint man! super clean
  11. NISSAN 1999 parts

    "Car has had a accident which resulted in getting the roof cut off to make removal of items easier" did those items happen to be human beings?
  12. Purplesil80's.....not so purple sil80..

    Will do, cheers!
  13. Purplesil80's.....not so purple sil80..

    well i had planned on relocating to the boot, but everything ive read regarding the hole in the battery tray is very indecisive about wether or not it is actually legal. so im thinking i might give an engineer a call and just ask, if thats the case ill get the hole engineered and relocate to the boot. bought a new headlight motor today as my old one was farked!
  14. Purplesil80's.....not so purple sil80..

    finally got around to installing the fmic that came with the car check out my sweet bunnings-spec mounting haha. good easter weekend mod though, i need to grab a BOV, but as far as i know its not COMPLETELY necessary if im not running huge amounts of boost? could anyone confirm that?