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  1. S15 Autech, Yay or Nay?

    Having 2 doors is a pain in the ass for picking up the 12 year old sluts too
  2. My car Vibrates more than normal.

    Try taark mate, he sells nismo mounts, not sure if his pricing is competitive but good place to start. Better off doing it properly with nismo and never touching them again
  3. My car Vibrates more than normal.

    Id start on mounts mate, engine and gearbox. Then go from there with what has been mentioned above
  4. Yeah, there is such a mechanical device on the market. Your car may even have one. It's called an accelerator pedal. wtf is that?
  5. I have a leak in the intake manifold of my ca, after about an hours work taking shit off it got dark so I couldnt see much more, decided to do some research and found if you take the 'upper' intake off first it makes the 'lower' easier to get to? I thought the whole manifold was just one piece? My question is, is tje above true with upper and lower manifolds and how the hell do you seperate them?
  6. ca18 intake manifold

    Cheers mate!
  7. ca18 intake manifold

    i seem to have misplaced the washer/seal that goes on the bottom of the injectors...any idea what thats called or where i could pick up a new one?
  8. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    By the way, in QLD you now lose your car for 90 days for first offense stuff like this
  9. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Are you proud? Thanks for giving genuine car enthusiasts who try to do the right thing an even worse rep
  10. Nissan project car

    Put your money towards a house
  11. ca18 intake manifold

    Cheers for the advice mate!
  12. ca18 intake manifold

    Do you clean it with anything in particular before you whack the new gasket in?
  13. Import monster* agree with ^^^
  14. ca18 intake manifold

    Ok, found out today what this means! Whats the best way to remove old gasket? This one seems to be stuck on there really well...
  15. ca18 intake manifold

    Its a pain in the ass to get it off with the engine still in the car, am I right in saying the the 'lower' part would be the collector then?
  16. Would it be reliable

    Link??? Anything rebuilt? What mods?
  17. Do you have a pod filter? Check its connection is nice and tight
  18. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Looks good mate! Need more pics
  19. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $4,000 Condition : Used For sale r33 track car Rolling car No engine No gearbox Fully stripped interior Fully re painted inside and out. Very fresh. Electric windows are perfect All glass is good no cracks Por15 underbody paint K sport 10kg fully adjustable coil overs Strut brace Momo leather race steering wheel Cusco 2 way LSD *new* 5 piece wheels Brand new tyres 265/35 rear 235/46 front Standard r33 brakes Nissan gtr rb26 wiring and ecu Nissan gtr rear wheel drive sump conversion worth $900.00 with extended pickup and baffle inside sump. Standard r33 fuel system with a bigger Bosch 044 inline pump. Battery is in boot. 6 point roll cage Bucket seat (single) 6 point gates racing harness x1 Standard dash with no extra gauges Full 3 inch mandrel bent exhaust with hks super dragger muffler. Rear wing. Car has hardly been used and is in great condition and a perfect circuit car. Very straight no dings or crashes. Front mount intercooler Some piping Radiator Power steering parts Basically the only thing missing is the engine and gearbox Nothing else mechanically. Drop a engine and gearbox in and u are good to go Call me or Inbox 0411721142
  20. Purplesil80's.....not so purple sil80..

    Havent had much money lately, but still wanted to do something useful to the car so decided I would have a crack (with the wife's help) at trying to cover up the disgusting grey felt looking upholstery heres the results! The wife stitched up a new gear stick cover! Glovebox couldve been done better, might re-visit that soon and try again... Thats all for now!
  21. 89 240sx coupe

  22. CA 180sx dropping a cylinder

    Check the connection lugs for your injectors, it may sound dumb but I had a car with similar symptoms once and it turned out to be a broken injector connection, once I got that fixed it was perfect
  23. same as old mate, CA 5 speed manual, no conversion, seems to work after the car has warmed up a bit but first thing in the morning it wont work? cant swap with a working one as dont know anyone in townsville with a 180 fuel gauge problem could be the fuel sender for your car? i believe its attached to the fuel pump. will jump under and make sure everythings making connection on my one!
  24. this may be an old bump but im currently experiencing the same things as this old post. does anyone have an answer for this?
  25. Any electricians here?

    f**k plumbing. Tedious crap in small spaces and lots of digging. Yeah if you do domestic you will be in small spaces too, but for very short periods of time