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  1. Clutch Change Questions

    yeah mate, even better if you can find one from a local store though. im always weary when it comes to parts from eBay.
  2. Clutch Change Questions

    Buy the whole clutch kit, pressure plate, bearing, clutch plate everything. have a go at it yourself too its not hard, plenty of write ups on how to do it too!
  3. hoping to find an answer on this; my fuel gauge on my 180sx isnt working, which im lead to believe is the fuel sender unit. just wondering if i could get some clarification on exactly where the unit is? cheers
  4. 180sx fuel sender

    cheers mate
  5. 180sx fuel sender

    no worries. thanks for the help
  6. 180sx fuel sender

    do you get a new fuel sender when you buy a new fuel pump? ive been told may aswell replace fuel pump while your at it?
  7. Townsville Members

    Anyone alive in this thread?
  8. Red Shitbok - Matsuri 2K14 wrap up!

    Havent seen this build in a few years! Good to see your still going on with this man
  9. Headgasket symptoms?

    definitely a head gasket mate, you could take a chance with it, get the gasket replaced maybe the head machined and whack it back together. never know your luck?
  10. Gay Ass Speedo Bell - $20

    Price : $20 Condition : 407551551
  11. Gay Ass Speedo Bell - $20

    Price : $20 Condition : took this bell out of my speedo, goes off when your going over 107km/h. read that some people like that for some messed up reason, if you want it let me know. will post anywhere cheers
  12. i only found out the other day that my roommates uncle is matt hayden (australian cricketer) got me interested to find out who else knows someone famous OR who have you met around your local thats famous? kgo
  13. Nissansilvia.com Project Car - A New Beginning

    Really digging the new paint colour Loz, great choice mate! Can't wait to see how this is gonna finish..
  14. What did you do for your 21st?

    For my 18th I hired a boat with a BBQ on the back, just went cruising with my mates and a heap of beers, pulled over at some stage had a BBQ and a swim then came back. Wasn't anything flash but I'll always remember it as a great day with my mates
  15. Evolution Vs. Creation

    Creation; because that's what I was brought up to believe. I'm not big into it, but there's something out there. IMO.
  16. gfunk's Aristo

    Why not go for some of the varrstoen wheels that one of the sponsors is selling on here? Personally I like the look of them. Nice car though mate
  17. Townsville Members

    There's nothing major that sticks out mate, I've done the Brisbane to Townsville trip a few times now, I've always stayed at mackay motor inn overnight, I think it was like 140 for the night but by the time you get there you hardly feel like worrying about $50 for a room haha
  18. Road worthy?

    How long have you been driving for? Can you drive when your 12 in Vic????
  19. First Time Paint Work Help

    Wow, nice work mate! Turned out alot better than I was expecting to see after reading this thread congrats
  20. CA head gasket?

    hey everyone, basically im looking at purchasing an s13, the guy selling it tells me its not running at the moment as it needs a new head gasket but obviously i cant believe that. what i want to know is; is there a way to tell if the head is cracked? would i be better off buying a new head and just replacing the current one with a 2nd hand one or should i take the head off and just get it cleaned up and machined? how much should i be looking at ($$$) for that? obviously theres articles about how to get the head off etc, but i couldnt find anything giving me a definite answer on any of this... cheers
  21. forged ca18?

    Don't forget the instant street cred from your rare motor!
  22. Auto --> Manual conversion?

    Use the search mate this has been covered at least 14 billion times. Depending on wether or not you supply parts your looking at around 1500. A CA gearbox is around 300-500 depending on condition. There's a writeup in the technical forum regarding manual conversions, give it a go yourself a save some money
  23. CA head gasket?

    no worries. thanks for your help guys. will have to think about wether or not i want to put a new engine this bad boy.
  24. CA head gasket?

    **update** I went and inspected the car, the head was off and there was milky white residue all over the head. Any ideas what this could mean?