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  1. sr box needs rebuild?

    theres a shop in newmarket called diff and gearbox industries. they rebuilt my gearbox and did a perfect job. im not sure how fond they are of doing import gearbox's but they did it for me as a favour. you can call them and give it a try? id google their number for you but...
  2. Mild/Strong fuel smell

    I had this problem, it ended up being the fuel neck on your car that you put the nozzle into when re fueling, I just took it off and resealed it back on and the smells dissapeared
  3. Post your Gym vids

    ^^ is there a reason your back is bent like that in your bench press? i was always under the impression it was better to have your back flat?
  4. Do u still live with your parents

    @stig Mick interest only repayments on 250k is like $350? Roughly a week, surely you would be spending nearly that much on rent?
  5. Townsville Members

    Does anyone know a decent spraypainter/smash repairer in the area? Girlfriend backed into my trailer

    Nice car chuongie, sexy!!
  7. Do u still live with your parents

    I'm 22, I was forced out of home at 17 as my dad lives overseas and my mum passed away, I've lived in share houses, my own rental place, now I live with a friend and will hopefully have my own place within a few months. Fingers crossed. There is not a single doubt in my mind that if I could, I would still be living at home and be alot more financially better off than I am currently.
  8. s13 gearbox hard to shift

    As above, drain your oil and replace, I use redline shockproof but that's personal preference, if that doesnt help you could be in trouble
  9. turbo autech S15

    Make life a bit easier for yourself, sell it and buy turbo
  10. Townsville Members

    Is anyone here the person selling a black s13 on eBay?
  11. STOLEN! Type-x 180sx!

    definitely! so glad to finally hear about a car being returned in an order other than trashed!
  12. STOLEN! Type-x 180sx!

    Any ideas on damage yet?
  13. 2012 Soundwave

    A day to remember! Defs coming. I'd love to see underoath, hatebreed, saves the day, Thursday, unwritten law and d.e.p can't wait!
  14. STOLEN! Type-x 180sx!

    That will stick out like a sore thumb! Hope it is returned to it's rightful owner
  15. Townsville Members

    Unlucky mate
  16. Townsville Members

    Who's Nathan?
  17. Townsville Members

    Haha, anyone know the white 33 on send in the dogs Australia tonight?
  18. Car Trashed

    ^ you need loctice 268 maximum strength. that bitch aint ever coming off with that shit
  19. P90X

    wtf is p90x? sounds like crossfit?
  20. Townsville Members

    I'm only new to Townsville but I have heard good things about Second Skin on Thuringowa Drv Hey mate Second skin is pretty good, i got a chest piece done from them, and got them to touch up one i got done in sydney. i rate them. Snakes place isnt to bad, nothing personally done on me, but ive seen mates work. Most arnt too bad, but im pretty sure all are run by bikies bar second skin ( dont hold me to that ) and i prefer non-bikie affiliated tattoo places, thats my 2c. On another note, im dying to get out for a good drive, we should get a meet going, ive been away for last few months get back in a fortnight, i dont have a jap car anymore but i got a bike . would still be keen to get somthing going. cheers mate ill go see them sold my sil80 bit over a year ago, but im looking to get back into another import now im more financially stable, so id be keen to go for a meet soon
  21. Post your Gym vids

    And f**k you too monkeyboy. I don't have a big ego, just an unwavering belief in myself and my superiority over others. if i could give you a +1 id be a happy man. god i miss the old ns...
  22. Townsville Members

    i know this is a bit off the topic, but does anyone know anywhere good in tsv to get tattoo's? also, is anyone here the guy selling a black silvia in the jumblemail? phone number finishes in 448
  23. Townsville Members

    is there any drifting action at the go-kart track or is it purely sprints? thinking about buying some sortve drift pig but unsure as im only up here temporarily for work!
  24. Townsville Members

    drove past the track last night but couldnt stop, its the track just near kirwan right? fairly new to townsville but ive seen heaps of nice cars around!
  25. getting concussed/knocked out

    ^^ so someone pretty much tried to murder you? ive never blacked out or anything, these kids at my school used to do this stupid thing; you bend down into a little ball and breathe REALLY deeply for a few minutes, then APPARENTLY if you stand up really quick and hold your breathe you black out? dunno if thats true or not, was never game enough to try it in fear of generally becoming a dumbass shit like those kids were.