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  1. Jumpy rev gague

    Yeah heard those earthing kits are quite good. Update if anyones I tweeted found a brown plug with a black and brown wire, cut and just twisted together and taped up.
  2. Jumpy rev gague

    Yeah checked around but can't seem to match it. Ran injector clean and replaces spark plugs. Seemed to be running fine. Should a auto elec the video and reckons has a short on positive side so striped car and going over every earth point and wording loom as car has had a respray a couple years ago and believe old owner has t bolted most things down as all earth points in engine bay were loose
  3. Hay just wondering if any one has had this problem befor. Its a ca18det with s13 so as the car is in normal operating tempure. Car starts to jerk and wanna die out. While the rev gague is jumpy as u put ur foot on the accerlator pedal. Thought it was the fuel pump. So I replace it with a bosh 040 pump from my 180.
  4. Might be a dumb question. Using iPhone crown have lap top net stil getting used to it. Question is I'm about to drop a sr20 red top in to a 180 that used to be ca, and I'm going to be using a type x ecu and loom. Since I'm doing that do I have to change any other internal looms as in loom to cluster or look to ecu? If there is already a topic please link me. Cheers Adam
  5. hay ive been looking for the diy converstion threads but cant seem to find it can any one link me?

    Just saw that thing drive past Albert park looks tuff as
  7. Ps3 controller mods

    Yeah it's that mod with the light. But there are also ones with clear buttons that light up and who casing. I recken will look good in the dark gaming. Looks straight forward but don't wanna fier my controller
  8. Hay not sure if this belongs in here but let me know. Am just wondering is there any one in vic that does led mods to the ps3 controller? I've just pulled it apart and it looks so confusing and now that it's all back together it's not working
  9. 180sx sr20 turbo install

    Also go for cyclender 3 abd 4 grist to just crack them as the bottom teo blots a difficult to get to and will be very stressful
  10. Sr20 conversion

    Ok cheers for that. Just Low on cash and can get those real cheap thanks
  11. Hay I'm currently doing a conversation from ca18 to sr20. Two questions I got is does the ca18 gearbox fit on the sr20 motor and would the ca18 injectors fit or could I use non turbo ones?
  12. External hard drive on ps3

    Thanks much appreciated
  13. External hard drive on ps3

    Cheers for that is it difficult to do that
  14. Hay I've just brought a external hard drive and when I plug it in to my ps3 it's not popping up. what can I do to make it work?