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  1. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Haven't been doing much other then slowly working on polishing the rest of the wheels And by slowly, I mean I've been realy lazy because of the cold weather and have not done much other than strip the clear coat so far. In mechanical news, I will be picking up a spare f**ked SR20 motor soon to try my hand at re-building one later on.
  2. Actually pretty hard to re-lip 17" 03s use 35 bolt lips Work 17s use 36 bolt lips Volk 17s use 35 bolt lips(but hard to get in good dish) Barels are welded on 03s Nobody makes aftermarket lips to widen 03s
  3. Ha ha If I ever found another set I would have them on my car by now. They come up for sale in pairs some times, but sets in good size and offset are rare. PM me if you want me to find a set of wheels and we'll discuss.
  4. You get ticket No 51 for the cue They are 18x9/10 +22
  5. I have permanent first dibs on buying these wheels, because I forced Jason to buy them
  6. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Thanks man Yeah just give them to me and I'll do them, it might just take a while because sanding and polishing is a bitch to do by hand. Ohh and you might not get them back, because I'll just add them to my collection... Still no job, so the only skids I can afford at the ones in the toilet
  7. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Yeah BBS LMs are 2 piece
  8. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    I had an idea that I should freshen up my wheels So many hours of sanding and polishing has finally paid off, finished 1 wheel Polished barrel Mocked up the center Wearing gloves to protect the finish during assembly Shinny Bling-bling

    Gota love North Course
  10. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Thanks man. Japan was awesome to go to and get to drift over there. We were planning to do 3 days of exploring in and around Tokyo, then 10 days up at Ebisu Circuit to drift and then back to Tokyo for 2 days to spend any left over money. R31 House was our only trip that was far outside Tokyo in the first 3 days. It was an awesome experience, but it is half way between Tokyo and Osaka, so it isn't particular a convenient location. We also went to the famous Daikoku Futo truck stop but it was Friday night, so it wasn't as busy but there were still some cars there. The Bee-R Workshop we stumbled onto on the way was interesting as it was 11pm and people were still working inside, got to have a close look at the cars as long as we didn't take photos of their new D1 Verrosa. We tried to visit the usual turisty spots around Tokyo, Akihabara electronics district, Shibuya Crossing, Toyota car museum, etc We also stopped by a lot of UpGarages because I wanted to buy a spare clutch and gearbox for my drift car up at Ebisu as I predicted that I would most likely break the gearbox with the twin-plate clutch that was in the car. It would have been nice to have a bit more time to explore Tokyo as it is a very big place, but we were on somewhat a tight schedule. If we had more time it would have been nice to visit some of the other circuits along the way, Nikko, Tsukuba and Fuji Speedway are all not too far out from Tokyo. Drifting at Ebisu circuit is heaven, 5 tracks so you never get bored. Drift all you want because there are no sessions or start lines. The Matsuri weekend is when it gets busy, 400 cars spread over 7 tracks, and there is still plenty of flow. So pretty much there are a lof of options on what you can do in Japan, it just kinda depends on what you want to do. If you want to do more touristy stuff you can visit some shrines and etc as there are plenty around Tokyo. If you want to visit some workshops could be a good idea to find some addresses and contact them to make sure they are open before heading over. We tried to visit Initial D "Mt Akina" which is Mt Harruna, but we got to the lake on top of the mountain but got lost and could not find the actual bit of road we were looking for.
  11. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Have not done anything to the car in ages, just polishing some wheels in the meanwhile. Been seeing a lot of updates from friends who went to Japan last week, so that reminded me to go through some of my GoPro footage from my trip in Nov, so I made a short video. Still have over 100GB of footage to edit... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjhNw89J4Po

    Is that Cefiro on Minami you Blingy? And that Cefiro just went into the tire wall...
  13. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Yeah lol, The barrels and lips for those wheels came off my old set of Work Emitz in 18x12 +/-0, 18x13 +13 I sold them ages ago to another friend and than he sold then again later with some VS-KF parts. So my friend thought that because my old wheels used to be such an aggressive size that he would get a similar outcome, but because VS-KFs have a different face design it actually pushes the center forwards making the offset positive.... The Wheels do fit on the back of the supra pretty damn nice though Thats on a Supra with -2.5deg at the back and they just poke the lip out, the fronts don't fit the front too well without massive camber. But the fronts could ft the back of the Supra though.
  14. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Thanks man, steering wheel was very hard to find, wanted something different from everyone having a Nardi. Wheel specs ended up 18x11.5 +20, 12.5 +39 I told my friend those VS-KF centers won't work so well being O disk, need an A disk face for those barrels.
  15. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    Finally fitted my Vertex steering wheel Also assembled some wheels for a friend, because I am such a wheel whore and pretty used to taking wheels apart. turned into this