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  1. Located in Melb Northern Suburbs, will pick up if local or pay for postage if interstate. Cash waiting, easiest sale of your life. Txt Peter on 0421 one five two 048
  2. Price : $150 Condition : Used Need rear brakes for my S14 as they're leaking. Contact me on 0421152048, preferably Melbourne sellers so I can pick them up. I'm located northern suburbs. Cheers, Peter.
  3. Price : $550 Condition : Used Federal 595SS tyres 225/45/17 purchased brand new one month ago. Have travelled about 1000kms on them, have 90% tread no camber wear. Wrap them around a 9 inch rim for a mild stretched look or over an 8 inch for a meatier look. Reason for sale: over the stretch look, going to use 255/40 for grip Asking price is $550 ono, pick up from northern suburbs Melbourne. Contact me on 0421152048. Msg me for pics, cant seem to upload any on here. Cheers, Peter

    might pick up a jdm grille and 25mm spacers instead of the 20mm its currently running, but looks the goods in my book
  5. What front bar is this?

    Yeah the vents look nothing like the n1's, so im guessing theyre an aftermarket item. Cheers for the replies gents
  6. There are two vent holes on either side of the numberplate, i've never seen this with other JDM front bars. Also, anyone have a clue what lip that is? genuine JDM?
  7. STOLEN R32! St Albans

    f*cking dirty pricks, vinh must be shattered. i hope they find the car in one piece
  8. Best sounding engines

    group B rally cars http://www.youtube.c...h?v=TKgeCQGu_ug
  9. thermo fans on rb20 s13

    ahhh damn i was hoping i wouldnt have to remove the aircon but that looks like the only way to go. cheers for the replies guys much appreciated .
  10. all rb20det s13 owners in here, how did you mount your thermo fans? i cant mount them behind the radiator because theres no space at all between the radiator and timing belt cover (literally less than 5cm) and the air condensor sits in front of the radiator (and i really do not want to remove my aircon unit). so anyone with any bright ideas, let me know...or else ill be cruising in the s13 in summer time while sweating my nuts off thanks dudes khoa