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  1. custom exhaust systems

    I have an existing 3inch front and dump pipe (gktech) with a kakimoto catback canon on my s14. Ive just bought an a-spec blast pipe tip that i want to fit but im afraid it will be too loud for road use. what would you suggest we can do to quieten it if I wanted to fit the aspec blast pipes?
  2. ^ is this the same silver colour that the 17x9 5 spoke come in?
  3. i thought the 17in was only available in 5spoke? which is what ive ordered =\
  4. SEX DR 200sx

    when googling "sex dr", im not sure what i fear more, pics of porn being displayed on my work comp, or even worse, more images of this car? =\
  5. sup brahs and gangas. has anybody had problems with factory s14a foglights clashing on fmic piping behind the front bar? im interested in installing some but after looking at the gap in the front bar where theyre supposed to mount, the fmic piping is not far behind. hoping there wont be clashing problems. anybody? if so, what fmic and piping u running? ps, im naked
  6. its on now, looks pretty discreet and standard looking. actually the factory airbox snorkel might even fit in place. if i get that to fit as well and cut a neat feed for it into the hi octane cover, itll look sweet. ill post pics if i get this working
  7. Hobbsie, thats what im tryin to rely on atm because im pretty sure ive thrown my factory box out.
  8. Has anybody been defected for using an aftermarket airbox/enclosure? (think the hi-octane racing one) after being defected last week and being told that my pod wasnt enclosed as it should be, i cbf digging into the depths of my garage for it (plus im pretty sure its been thrown out) i decided to grab a hi-octane one, stripped the sticker off it, painted it satin black and along with my black fmic piping it actually looks pretty neat and stealthy. so yea, im sure with the vague defect rules these days which pretty much gives the boys in blue the right to defect anything that isnt factory, i was just wondering if anybody has actually been defected for this? stories?
  9. would the 17x9s clear standard front s14 calipers?
  10. ahhhh just rang Rota aus and asked if they did a blank or 5stud in the RBX's and they said theyve got a new design coming in 6-8weeks which is basically the same but with a step lip and its in 5stud. woot thanks anyways guys =)
  11. Blah blah blah, he asked the question what is the easiest way to do it. At no point did he ask for advice on wheels, you clearly have nothing valuable to add to this thread so please fork off. Philrayho I'm fairly sure you can run the 4 pot calipers provided you get some spacers 25mm should suffice. Best off to speak to chriz about it though cause he has done it. Thanks mate, brb stalking Chriz
  12. Ive tried looking round online but they dont seem to be manufactured in 5stud. emailed both the aus distributer and the manufacturer in phils about either getting them in 5stud or atleast a blank set so i can get them drilled myself. both have yet to get back to me. my last option is seeing how much of a hassle it would be to go 4stud on my s14. thus posting on here. which i hate cos as u can see above, too many over opinionated poptarts fail to see that not everybody on earth is into spending obscene amounts on japanese made rims just so they can tell theyre mates there car is "JDM" while still living at home with there mums cos they cant afford to move out.... thanks tho, lovelove =)