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  1. Entertaining video

    I agree with some of what you have said, there were many deaths in the 70's and 80's in F1 as track design wasn't tailored around safety. No thought was given to run off zones/roads and tyre walls do little to cushion the blow of impact. F1 cars have never hit anywhere 400km/h lol... they have a theoretical top speed close to 400km/h without it's front and rear wing. The fastest F1 was a turbocharged Benetton back in the 80's which was clocked at around 340km/h. Indy cars on the other hand... Where did you come up with that rubbish??? They are hitting 340 now with their 2.4L V8's.. A few years ago when they were still running V10's they were up around 370km/h. 20 years ago they were running turbo V12's with monstrous amounts of power. They dont have a theoretical top speed of 400, its been proven. A BAR hit 412km/h on the salt flats still running a car that would have been eligible to compete in a GP, ie with wings and all.
  2. Entertaining video

    LOL, typical sheep like responses that you get on this site. F1 cars were easily hitting 400, 40 years ago, maybe you should re-read those books you claim to have read. Tracks like spa and nurburgring back in the 60's were easily as dangerous as this kind of stuff. Im not saying these vid's aren't insane, but there has been alot crazier shit done.
  3. Entertaining video

    Plenty of them died.. and that is my point. Guys going faster with less protection. Alot faster? How do you know? Were you sitting there watching the speedo on these mountain passes, and in F1 cars? Do you mean on a track, or do you mean mountain pass/hill climb? Pretty sure there was a speedo in the first vid which showed the car topping out at around 250km/h. F1 cars were easily hitting 400km/h back in the 70's so yes i would know. Racing tracks back in the day were not like they are today with gravel traps and tyre barriers.. they were just as dangerous as these mountain roads.
  4. Entertaining video

    Guys were doing this in F1 cars 30 years ago going a lot faster and with a lot less knowledge about safety and without technological advances.
  5. Hey guys, so this is my issue. The car is a JDM S15, just recently I have had to change the clutch. My mechanic recommended I go an exedy button clutch, with a custom clutch plate to improve drivability. Also got a solid lightened flywheel. That was approximately 1 month ago. Since then I have had no issues with the car until yesterday. After a 150km drive on the highway, the car started making a strange noise and vibration which I could feel at the clutch pedal and gearknob. It would do it ONLY when attempting to shift gears (particularly 1st, 2nd and 3rd) slowly. There is no noise or vibration once the gear is in, and no change in drive. Despite the strange noise and vibration, there is no extra difficultly in selecting a gear either. Car is lightly modified, only running around 160rwkw and I havn't been ripping mad skids every corner. Driven pretty softly apart from the occasional squirt. So by the sounds of this, is the problem clutch or gearbox??
  6. Safety camera question

    lol, given that i got flashed and there is a sign saying "safety camera ahead", i would say so
  7. Safety camera question

    I got flashed at the intersection of moore park rd and anzac parade. Not 100% sure about how fast i was going but im guessing around 75-85km/h.
  8. hmm.. I disagree, integration and complex numbers are a lot more maths involved than laplace and matrices.. Laplace transforms just follow a transformation table between variables which makes it pretty straight forward stuff. You'd be an idiot if you actually performed matrix multilication on a 12x12 matrix because it would take you about 3 hours, and again it comes down to basic maths.
  9. Safety camera question

    Got my letter today and luckily for me it was just a warning letter as well! Lesson learnt though.
  10. what fuel pump to buy

    Pretty sure the Bosch 040's have a smaller sock than the walbro pump's so you wont be able to run the tank lower than 1/4. I have never heard anything bad about either to be honest. I know the 044 external pump is loud as fk though
  11. Safety camera question

    Thats what I wanna hear!! Still waiting on the letter..
  12. Yes, but I don't know if the mods want his mug up on the site... All other details are up for the world to see and I don't think that it's inappropriate to fully expose him. Some people like to put a name to a face. Furthermore, if he is stupid enough to conduct himself in the manner that he has and post photos of himself on the internet, then I say suffer the consequences. So you are saying that you wont buy anything from anyone with an ethnic name..? I'd say racist dicks are right up there with the scammers of this world.
  13. Safety camera question

    I was/am expecting a fine.. just find it strange that my friend still fell under the grace period.
  14. Safety camera question

    Thats what I thought but on his letter it said "Offense committed on the 24/10/10". No point of guessing.. will just have to wait and see when the letter comes.
  15. Hey guys, so we all know about these new safety camera's being introduced in NSW (not much action in NSW section so thats what ive posted here!) and unfortunately for me, I got flashed last night speeding through one. Coicidently, a friend of mine received a letter today stating the exact same offense as me, committed 4 days prior (same location as well) however, he just got a slap on the wrist as its currently some sort of grace period. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Should I be expected a fine or just a warning?