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  1. black or blue would be the most common colours for s13's from what i've seen going around
  2. lol, i'm pretty sure that contact lenses can give better vision than glasses...
  3. insurance for silvias etc.

    from what i've heard, Just Cars seem to to be the most flexible out of all the the isurers.
  4. top 5 oils tested

    lol, not surprising given the nature of these tests
  5. varies from 5-20 depending upon the time of day.
  6. Sobering up

    water is your friend
  7. Relationship or single?

    safe to say she's comfortable around you then.... i'm wondering if were close enough that i could pull off a dutch oven and get away with it yet,.. maybe give it another month Well they say you aren't a real couple till you Dutch oven. Im gussing there's some truth to that, haha.
  8. -Peter Russel Clarke -Banana man -Smurfs -Lassie (when real dog fights were allowed on tv )
  9. what colour rims?

    stick with silver. you can't go wrong
  10. uni versus dropping out

    for 2 years out of uni, that's not a bad investment.
  11. Always Tired?

    Thats wat stoners say.. lmao I was thinking the same.
  12. Thanks Loz

    well, site does seem a little quicker.
  13. Interesting...

    ^^^ hahahaha
  14. Quotes, sayings

    Evil requires the santion of the victim...