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  1. dent removers

    thanks gaz
  2. hey guys does anyyone know any decent mobile dent removers that can come to your place or work ? kind regards matt
  3. Vodafone Bill argument

    telstra all the way cos i work for them best service ever and i dont have to pay my bills WHOOP
  4. What do you look like?

    me on the right at summerdayze in adelaide amazing day
  5. went to summerdayze in adelaide from 2pm-12.30 am was knackered at the end of it in 40 degree heat but it was AMAZING none the less wish i was at melbourne summerdayze that was 10x crazier
  6. Stereosonics

    i had a ball was awesome weather
  7. not paying parking tickets

    i never said i wasnt going to pay it guys as again its only $34 dollars just wanted to know the rules around it matt
  8. not paying parking tickets

    on the back it says this is not an expiation notice or parking fine ? lol its been issued by parking collection services i was in a car park at the time it says this on the back "you have breached the terms and conditions of use as a consequence the manager claims the amount stated on the front of this document for damages LOL" the claim is for a breach of terms upon you agreed to use the car park" so judging by all that its a car park ticket matt
  9. hey guys is their any consequences for not paying a parking ticket ? like do they actually follow up with it i mean im happy to pay it as i know i was at fault its $34 dollars and they say if its not paid by the due date theirs a $43 admin fee it just has aus post written all over it so dont know what part or who issued it and stuff matt
  10. who plays the lotto?

    i only play the big ones 10-30 mil go the maxi pics max ive won was like $50 lol
  11. custom plates phantom ?
  12. yer i know the owner who owned it before he sold it. was stock standard TT when he bought it he went massively overboard those arent carbon fibre flares their flares bolted onto it lol. stickers bonnet and roof scoop he went overboard in the rice department was suprised someone bought it to be honest haha
  13. new tv show

    man that video that kahli posted is awesome haha
  14. speaking of arnotts in general i tried arnotts savoy i think they are ?? i accidentially grabbed the box instead of jatz at the supermarket they look identical but savoy tastes like shit