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  1. Rear Rack Ends and ebay spec

    Everything they could? It looks like safety items were picked up..
  2. Private Health Cover?

    Anyone know some good places too look? I am sick of paying 1500-2k+ a year at tax time cause I don't have cover
  3. 2k will get you evo fronts, pads,master skyline rears and leave 2k for rubber.
  4. Fuel smell in cabin of my 1600

    Rubber hose from the filler neck
  5. Turbo oil feed hose leaking!?

    Ensure both contacts of the cone is clean and damage free,
  6. steel cable (bicycle brake wire)

    Places that make cables and lifting chains etc can do this no problem. South gip highway in dandy next to the drive-in's do them but I can't remember the name right now...
  7. Car seizure law ruled unconstitutional

    That is what I am saying 100%.
  8. Car seizure law ruled unconstitutional

    It does NOT get a driver off the road.. If it was simply aimed to do that, why do you get such HUGE fines/fee's for a impound, all BEFORE you can even prove otherwise in the court of law? A cop has the power to pull you over, and take your car, you pay the fines and fee's and have no car for 3 months, I am not pointing the finger at this case, I am talking about the whole system... The crime of drive driving 50 years ago was handing down as the matter saw fit by the law. Now laws are solely designed on making money, I am not saying all offenses are. Can you really tell me such a thing as excessive acceleration is worthy of someone getting their car taken for 3 months? And who is to judge what excessive is? A over powered revenue enforcer that has no training? The law is simply a blanket law to bring in huge amounts of money rather then focus on the problem.. And when it clearly pointed out that its only to bring in money the media brain wash you and scream "what about the children" crap and focus on speeding.. Rather then one blanket rule to impound, if each matter was supported by real data like a picture, video etc rather then a "police officers" word I would be in full support, 4km on the freeway over is not going to kill anyone, But an unskilled driver can legally driver 100km on a dirt road that is unsealed and no street lights which is the legal speed?
  9. Car seizure law ruled unconstitutional

    Was all this hoon law crap a crime 50 years ago? Just because a new bullshit law gives past in which amounts to huge income for the government, It doesn't mean the law works or is useful. I fail to see how taking his car will prevent anything... I have access to 7 cars myself, anyone can go buy a car for a few $100 and keep on driving.. Lock him up.. Do not take the car away and charge abused amounts in fines.. It solves nothing.. The Australian traffic law is designed so the accused offender is guilty and unable to prove innocents.. If you even try to fight it you are out of pocket all court costs and fee's... You have no chance of winning. They might as well just pull you over at random and say hand over cash, and move onto the next victim cause that is all the system is designed to do..
  10. SR20 Fuel Rail - All the same?

    Does that mean I'll have to track down a Nissan Avenir SR20DET fuel rail? They weren't that common so it will make things tricky. Damn. FWD may be the same, its been along time since i touch Avenirs to remember sorry..
  11. PC cooling help

    Keep in mine air cooling is only as good as the air temp and location of the tower. Simplely moving the tower in some cases can give good results.
  12. Yep, placing a wide band in the dump tends to kill it VERY fast. Have done 2 sensors a day trying to tune massive HP cars that run no exhaust just a dump and side pipe out before the passenger door.
  13. 70 inch plus Tv

    Just smart marketing.. You could download them for free on the internet.. Now with the use of lasers rather then a globes used in projectors and pricing coming down I can't see my self buying another TV.
  14. 70 inch plus Tv

    Chappy, have you researched projectors lately ? They have come along way and dropped massively in price, I now wish I picked one rather then a 5k 55in
  15. Insurance will always find ways to screw you over, and they get away with it.. I have a 50k daily which i paid 2k for full comp but they would not cover any mods at all, and only market value which they would not produce a figure in writing for me either.. Switched and have full comp at 40k cover, all mods, rental car, hotel etc if I make a claim and it was 800 cheaper. I know its a harsh thing to say at this time but you really do need to read the fine print when getting insurance cause they use so many loop holes to screw you over.. What is 3k going to cover? a new bumper and loss of income for a few weeks if you are lucky...