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  1. SEX DR 200sx

    yeah no where near SEX DR holy jebus cash but no taste at all
  2. some one can visit him and ask for an explanation politely ,,,,mates bought some stuff from him no issues must be a good reason
  3. Full on 180 rebuild

    talk to a mod
  4. Full on 180 rebuild

    saw that on ebay for 1k what does the car need to be on the road now
  5. Spraying s15 console

    you have to use plastic primer before painting any plastic,,,READ THE SPRAY CAN
  6. windscreen replacement?

    9292 1997
  7. windscreen replacement?

    roxys windscreen speak to justin
  8. Roadworthy (again) FMIC

    who would do RWC in victoria whose not to picky
  9. heard about HI tek automotive in eltham,,,,need some feeback on the plz
  10. Post pics of your tatts

    Quoted for awesome band KSE FTW MATE pretty sure its something else kriss LOL
  11. S13 Rear seat retrim

    just do the middle section on each side
  12. always a pleasure to buy from them,,,top bloke,,,,gktech's stars r shinning bright antish
  13. Post pics of your tatts

    my tatts ,,,others to come sooon sorry for the small size