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  1. Epic car fail thread

  2. Epic car fail thread

    Only 9 grand! Orangutans FTW! http://www.ebay.com....0#ht_711wt_1398 I'm selling my 180!
  3. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    ^^^ I like to rape with the beat of the music All I listen to is Hip Hop. And you make a very valid point there Powertune. It's almost like it's not cool to be smooth and flowing, like you have to be gritty to not be classified a sell out.
  4. CHOP Request Thread

    Ha ha. Well i was wrong.
  5. CHOP Request Thread

    ^^^^^ Fair bit of work that mate. Would take some time. I'm not sure anybody will bother.
  6. RS-R 180sx

    My cousin has a special 180rigami, made completely out of paper. Nissan released it in 1991 to celebrate the 40th birthday of Tomoko Fuse a famous origamist. It weighs about 3kg (body only).
  7. Epic car fail thread

    Is that a hulk hogan inspired red and yellow interior with his face/head on the steering wheel? I'm guessing the foil is in reference to him dying/bleaching his hair all these years.
  8. Steve Jobs / Apple Jokes

    Similar to the OPs, They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Which is good if you're Michael Jackson, but not if you're Steve Jobs.
  9. xxr wheels

    eBay is your friend.
  10. CHOP Request Thread

    Here you go. Just needs some sort of front lip for deliciousness.
  11. Lowering my car

    Here's a pic I have found of an s15 on Tein springs, unsure on type but most probably S Techs. They lower around: Front -26mm / Rear -23mm.
  12. CHOP Request Thread

    ^^^^If you get a 'propper' picture someone will do it
  13. mileage in a 350gt

    Google is your friend. But I have read that around 11.6L per 100km is around the mark. And it has an 80L tank, around 700km a tank So the economy isn't too bad.
  14. Porsche poweed VW Combi

    Haha. Reminds me of this. I remember this being in Speed magazine about 8 or 9 years ago.
  15. Found this in my searches...... aaaahhhh yes please. BBS deliciousness.