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  1. Parting out R33 gtst s1

  2. Parting out R33 gtst s1

    Hey guys and gals, Parting out my R33 gtst. its a series 1 Pm me with anything your chasing and I will get you a price. Car also has tien super streets (aus spec), safc, cat back exhaust and blitz boost gauge. Everything available except the engine, gearbox, front brakes and rotors, rear brakes and rotors, rear hub and hand brake assembly, engine loom, diff and axles. Parts located in townsville but will post interstate.
  3. Didn't drill them out bud, just screw a wood screw into the olive and lever it out easy as. Worst case scenario if I need the olive back in there is get a new one and press it back in there :-) so my options are new lines with banjos or new lines with new olives. Sick, now just need to decide which will work better or safer. To answer your question midnight, I had read in one install review that they fit though you need to remove the olive. Cheers guys and thanks for your help
  4. blitz s13 intercooler intall help

    thanks mandi, i have already dummied it up pipework and all but for the life of me cant figure out the brackets that come off the back of the cooler. was hoping someone who had instaled a blitz cooler b4 may have some idea where i have gone astray. cheers anyhow
  5. hey guys, bought a new blitz intercooler kit on the cheap as it come with no instructions and a silicon missing. silicon was easy to obtain but the instrustion being gone and my inability to wing it like i thought i would have me a little lost, below is a pic of all the bracketry that come with the kit and also a pic of the front of my car. if possible could someone please point out what goes where. cheers adam
  6. BLOOD SWEAT & GEARS show downloads

    still no ep6??
  7. BLOOD SWEAT & GEARS show downloads

    bump... any word on ep5?

    wheres ep 4?
  9. BLOOD SWEAT & GEARS show downloads

    any more updates/episodes

    i couldnt agree with this statement any more

    thats good to hear andrew... honestly i and im sure 100% of the others know you own that comp (all credit to you nvmyre) you have the attitude to win and with out a doubt the best allround street setup in the comp. its just puttin its just puttin it all together. havin said that i still cant stand that kno8 luffy and will still continue to watch the show with the knowledge you get your own back and nvmyre still holds his own.

    well guys i kind of made an agreement with myself that despite the bullshit with luffy in the first show (couldnt drive a greasy stick up dogs ass), that i was gonna watch the whole series and give it a fair go.... BUT!!! i dont know if i can do it... its just sofckin rediculess and pointless, and the more i watch it epiode by episode (or should i say update after update, as i dont class 5 mins worth of fresh footage as an episode) its just pointless and isnt testing anything but who is fully sick and can do a hektic burnout. now credit to NVMYRE who is actually takin the show seriously and andrew for not punchin luffy in the mouth after tonights episode.. but i mean how many episodes can we possibly watch before we all boycott the show coz its a sham??? end rant
  13. blood sweat and gears

    couldnt find any other thread..... back on topic now have seen other thread now... oh well