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  1. 200sx Central Locking Remote Programming

    the 200sx this worked on has NATS. However unsure if its NATS II or not ?
  2. 200sx Central Locking Remote Programming

    Apologies for the late upload. This applies to s15 and 200sx i assume. Click Here Cheers,
  3. 200sx Central Locking Remote Programming

    Problem solved... I am lucky enough to have the original instructions on hand (will upload tomorrow); NOTE THIS LINE: "When in programming mode the module's receiver range is reduced to approximately 1 metre. This is to prevent programming errors caused by spurious emissions as well as precenting non-authorised persons from programming remote controls from outside the vehicle" I was pressing the remote at normal (dash/steering wheel) height and was getting no where... After pressing the button with the remote in the footwell, it programmed in FINE. Will upload official Nissan Dealership instruction sheet tomorrow.
  4. Hi All, I have recently attained a new 200sx central locking remote which is a genuine nissan part. My 2002 200sx enters programming mode by switching from 'acc to on' 5 times in ~5 seconds. From there; pressing my brand new remote button (within 7 seconds of entering programming mode) SHOULD sync the remote to the car. This is where I am having issues. I get no indicator flash (as i did with entering programming mode); no nothing... I've done this a variety of ways... doors locked, windows down, windows up, doors unlocked; even tried using the s14 method of entering programming mode (key in and out 5/6/7 times). Has anyone had this problem before? Have I purchased a $100 peice of plastic which has a dead battery just like my old remote? sigh........... Before it's mentioned; yes, I searched and got various topics however none of which suited my needs. TL;DR - Remote doesn't seem to respond in programming mode; help. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Problem solved.. the throwout / bearing / release carrier was too long!! got a shorter one and problem solved
  6. Hey all, Changing my 1992 S13 SR20DE Auto to a manual using a S13 SR20DET gearbox + release bearing + bearing carrier + clutch fork + pivot ball. When I have all this together; in the clutch ENGAGED position (driving), the fork hits the hole it pivots through........ wtf? this is preventing me from attaching the slave cylinder as I cant physically get it on there.. We have everything in the wrong place; however I am curious that the place I got this gear from; is there a chance a part is wrong?? I have read a few things about the bearing carrier being longer/shorter for S13/S14... This could possibly solve the problem.... If someone could write back suggestions / if they have had this problem before; that would be fantastic!!! Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks again; Ryan
  7. *Stolen* S13 SR20DE Manual

    Because of the P Plate laws; the price on a non turbo import that P platers want has skyrocketed.. There are constant sales of non turbo s13's with the basicadditions (coilovers and wheels) that pass for 5 - 7 grand.

    I know how you feel silvie This one happened a while ago.
  9. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Keen to see any pics or videos of the Stock 'P plate' S13 or the Red BMW
  10. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Was a rad day out, cept for my aerial going limp (wtf) but Silvie came to the rescue with his dodgy (however usefull) allan keys. xD Cheers for the day, was awesome fun!!
  11. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Totally. Excited.
  12. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Two cars, Myself - s13 mate - bmw no passengers. You can put us down
  13. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Gah, what time will this go untill, approx? =\