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  1. RaceEquipped Turbo Modifications

    https://youtu.be/VduX1JF3Ar0 A little video I put together. Check it out guys! A 3 step process to identify BALL vs Bush bearing turbos.
  2. RaceEquipped Turbo Modifications

    https://youtu.be/VduX1JF3Ar0 A little video I put together. Check it out guys! A 3 step process to identify BALL vs Bush bearing turbos.
  3. RaceEquipped Turbo Modifications

    We're located In Vic and have done business all over Victoria, and Australia, if you're interested just send me a message or give me a buzz But partnering with a shop would be ideal. We can definitely work something out
  4. RaceEquipped Turbo Modifications

    Daniel Shalders from Victoria. Put up a add on our Facebook page seeking any possible proposals for sponsorship, and he has approached us, so we're still very much so in the early days of it. Nothing has been confirmed at yet.
  5. RaceEquipped Turbo Modifications

    Sleepr is on the ball, ive had numerous rebuilds and highflows with none yet to be dynoed, or if they where, dyno papers were never sent through. Thus the rebate to help gain some papers. Ive worked with shops like APS in Frankston, JAK automotive, Springy Motors etc. Also about to sponsor 2 cars, one being a G1GP competitor in Japan next month and the other being a BIG HP GTR, we love our Nissans which is why i am on here. Cheers Nick
  6. Hi Guys, im the owner operator of RaceEquipped (www.raceequipped.com.au or www.facebook.com.au/turboequipped We modify and rebuild turbochargers, including highflows, welding services, GTX wheel conversions and much more! We have launched our website! A lot of info that has been asked has been added, including pricing, our supplied services and all of our highflow stages. RB26 Stage 1 300ZX VG30DETT Stage 1 T28 Stage 1 & 2 T3 Stage 1 GT3582R Stage 1 CT12, 15B, 20, 26 Stage 1 TD04,05,06 Stage 1 VF34/RHF55 Stage 1 Any question or queries please comment here or via www.raceequipped.com.au Thanks Guys! Nick RaceEquipped
  7. 1992 ORIGINAL R32 GTR

    Bump re up for sale 21k! Just fitted trust feont oipes. Front bar is currently being fixed
  8. 1992 ORIGINAL R32 GTR

    Bump re up for sale 21k!
  9. 1992 ORIGINAL R32 GTR

    Car is no longer for sale. I cant part with it. Thread closed.
  10. 1992 ORIGINAL R32 GTR

    Taking offers?
  11. 1992 ORIGINAL R32 GTR

    Photos text me 0403485395 or search R32 GTR in gumtree in Victoria (white one) Selling my pride and joy, a BNRR32 1992 R32 GTR in ORIGINAL condition. When i was looking to buy one, i was after something with low kms and the least amount of modifications. I came across this and bought it, now priorities have changed and its time for someone else to show it the love. PROS 1992 R32 GTR (late model) Tuned to 236kw @ 13psi (3/7/14) Have dyno Sheets GENUINE 81xxx KMS (have papers) Factory R32 GTR Wheels ABS Factory Turbos R33 GTR gearbox Factory Suspension Factory Steering wheel (great condition) Factory Front pipes + dump pipes Factort front mount + piping Hornet 433H JustCars compliant Alarm sytem + central locking ($520, also have receipts) Body is VERY straight Rails are Straight (no accident history, REVS checks are welcomed) 9months Registration left. Turbosmart Boost Tee HKS Super Drager 3.5' cat back (sounds REALLY nice) Aftermarket Leather gearknob Headunit and Speakers Podfilter Intake Kit Front and rear strut braces CONS Crack on front driver side plastic front bar, in the corner below headlight. Fuel sender float is stuck (ive inspected it) So fuel gauge fluctuates (easy fix $50 part) Sometimes (has its days) it has the usual RPM gauge fluctuations common on all R32 Models from dry solders. Whiney throw out bearing. $22500ono Ive listed everything that this car is about, its a great collectors car or sleeper, would like to see it go to a good home.If possible i prefer TXT messages as not always available for calls. NO SWAPS! Not interested so dont bother. No test Pilots unless deposit is given. GENUINE buyers only. Low ballers will be ignored.
  12. R33 N1 GTR turbos

  13. R33 N1 GTR turbos

    As stated, R33 N1 GTR turbos (steel wheel) never fitted. Keeping the car factory. Previous owner bought them brand new, have done about 40,000km. Hardly any shaft play $500 $650 with adjustable n1 actuators Located Vic 0403485395
  14. DE head vs DET head

    Hey guys, couldnt find a definitive answer so I'll see what you guys have to offer, currently have a s14 vct turbo head at home while iI got a NA vct s14 motor in my 200sx. Now Im going to put cams, upgraded valves possibly a port if cash flow goes well, cos currently have quad itbs being fabricated, so wondering if it can prep the det vct head with all of this, then just swap the heads over? Will valves size be smaller or bigger than na head? I'm changing the cams so that's not gunna make a difference? Will the fact the na have ignition leads vs the turbo ad having coil packs? Thanks
  15. Quad ITBS

    I'm visiting Jdi fabs this Saturday he reckons he can do it thanks blingcommander!