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  1. drift teks on R31

    i dont think they will look right on it dude. 31's look alot better with steelies and the older style wheels. check out the diamond racing wheels.
  2. Fines fines fines!

    haha dont worry about ur priors man, if they were just road related offences ull stilll be right. i had 3 pages of traffic related priors (never been in trouble for anything else) one of which was 22 charges in itself. yeah ur summons can take upto 2 months to arrive. they usually deliver it to u, so if ur trying to hide it from someone u live with, give them a call and u can organise to go pick it up when they are finished it.
  3. Fines fines fines!

    thats alright. i think ull be fine mate. gather as much paperwork as u can. get 3 references, from work, parents and a mate or volunteer work that u might do, just stating that ur not that reckless. take it in on the day.
  4. courier to send large item?

    lol.... they do have a number, u prob just count past zero i guess :rollseyes:
  5. Fines fines fines!

    yeah they would have been recording you the entire time, they will present a brief which will be everything u said to them. you are entitled to ask for a copy of this before the court hearing. did u say anything that may have incriminated yourself?
  6. Fines fines fines!

    see my problem was that the call was never recorded as i used the automated system. but i managed to prove that i called up with phone statements. if u have reciepts and proof you went to the office on that day, you will get off with this mate. get ur self legal aid on the day, u will walk out with nothing.
  7. Fines fines fines!

    same thing happened to me, problem with mine is it was my third offence, driving whilst suspended which held a mandatory jail sentence at the time. i got legal aid, he adjourned the case on the day, met up with me, got the whole case ready and then we went to court again a month later. for my third offence (on my second offence i recieved a suspended jail sentence) i got 1 month license suspension and a $750 fine. i was fkn stoked. and walked away having spent nothing except the fine. for a previous road related matter i got a lawyer, he drained me for 6g and i still lost my license for 2 years. the legal aid guys are just as good if not better. yes what he's telling u is right. because u havent been sentenced yet u can keep driving from whenever you get ur license back, until u see what happens on the court day.
  8. Black smoke, HELP!

    50 bux which doesnt need to be spent
  9. Fines fines fines!

    dude thats exactly what i went to court for. i called and selected 1 point option. they didnt do it properly, i was then pulled over for a random breath test, they said my license was suspended. i said bullshit so on so forth. if you haveif you had honest belief and can show reasonable doubt. u will get off scott free. i rekon u may not even cop the fine. trust me, dont get the lawyer, they are a rip. u can get legal aid on the day, they are a lawyer but they are provided by the government, so you dont have to pay anything. trust me do this.
  10. Fines fines fines!

    most likely a fine for first offense, but can also be a further suspension. it used to be mandatory imprisonment. theyve changed it tho its now the magistrates discresion as to the sentence for third offence.
  11. questions on 3rd impound

    is there a forfeiture box?
  12. Fines fines fines!

    ull get a fine even if u go by yourself, u dont need a lawyer it takes 5 minutes for a case like this. you will not get 6 months suspension or get locked up so lol at that. you can get off with just a fine on ur own, lawyer will be a waste of money, legal aid is available for free on the day. how long were u suspended for in the first place?
  13. questions on 3rd impound

    dude, read the f**kin form.......
  14. Black smoke, HELP!

    lol dont worry about a comp test till uve tried the other stuff first
  15. questions on 3rd impound

    smokey is it up to police descretion as to whether or not they apply for forfeiture? can they charge u for the offence and choose to impound ur car for XX amount of days rather than confiscating it? or is it once they charge you for they offence they have no choice but to apply for forfeiture?