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  1. 180sx black stolen gold coast

    Another car on the gold coast stolen..
  2. Mortal Kombat 9 Banned

    Theres only like 1 or 2 fatalities in the single player
  3. -Best method is always going to be acid dipping.... but throttle body cleaner will be fine! -Can be annoying to remove if its in car, out of car its pretty easy. -If a gasket is undone its always best to replace it. -You have to torque everything regardless whether its by hand or torque wrench. I would recommend torque wrench though if its around the exhaust manifold or you may end up with leaks and have to take it back.
  4. Is this a good price for smash repair?

    Wow lol, ive seen headlights sell for $50 each if your lucky.
  5. man caught driving esky DUI

    He fixed it DYI and got caught DUI.
  6. Is this a good price for smash repair?

    serious!! thats bloddy highway robbery! some retarded panel beaters out there LOL $4500 to fit a new headlight!?
  7. Passenger's window?

    I doubt its a fuse. I would say its an open circuit (cut wire or not plugged in properly)
  8. Passenger's window?

    Need more detail, does it not do anything? Does it make a sound when pressed?
  9. Help i broked something

    For everyone's convenience..
  10. Purple sil80 pictures

    I found a ton of photos here: http://tinyurl.com/3ulf49r
  11. Help i broked something

    how the hell did u do that...?
  12. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    Dinner plate/pie chrome wheels! Fake scoops are also pretty bad and alteza lights
  13. I'm going to have to say the 240SX I saw on Pimp My Ride last night. It was bad before, but after... It has 3 Xboxs in there for some reason. Automatic, KA24, Pig as bonnet scoops, Veilside kit, red spoiler, red mirrors, red wheels, puke green, gauges?
  14. Front Main Seal

    You have to take the radiator out and get it off with a rattle gun. I used a crankshaft pulley remover to take off the pulley (you can buy them from supercheap). Be careful when plucking out the old seal as well because if you damage the walls anywhere at the front, it will never seal properly.