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  1. hip hop lines game

    papoose Don't start me up like a Rollin' Stone I leave you sulkin' Like Macaulay Culkin In Home Alone
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    now, q tip - move, polar bear, emc, jack johnson - hope
  3. hip hop lines game

    lloyd bazanks mine, I keep rice soaked in coconut milk mixed with tofu Sit in the sun six hours then I charge up like Goku Dragonball Z; imagine you're raggin me That's like walkin through a Blood hood flaggin a C
  4. The Football Thread

    I like porto, pana and sporting for dark horse really though roma for title contenders but now...
  5. The offical 'Whats this song called' thread.

    help pleaz, saw a music video, forgot to take name and song down, in the same vein of yael naim's New Soul - apple ad, only couple of years old. video has a natalie imbruglia chick in white getting wrapped in multi colored spring phone cords while singing. White shirt white background. cheerz
  6. Club song/mixes

    Days go by - dirty vegas widow licker - aphex twins bring change - shapeshifter everyday its 1989 - moby
  7. it is really a character driven film, perhaps with the length of the film more action could have been it it. I thought both Pitt and Affleck were good, Casey Affleck has put some solid performances lately. I suggest skipping till the ending if you can't be bothered with the story (somewhat true, and more genuine then other ones previously).
  8. Rock n Rolla

    This was one of my better films of 08, better than lock stock but not snatch if you want to compare them which you shouldn't. Guy Ritchie is the undisputed king of gangster flicks, you only have to see the crap others have tried and failed miserably to recreate to really appreciate his art. Laughs as usual, and some surprising ones - Why won't you just die! just not the unforgetable one liners from snatch. Butler was great, thought piven (entourages Ari) was good as was newcomer Edris (black guy). Guy's done sherlock holmes with downey jr (ironman) which will be interesting. Can you imagine what guy could have done with chopper.
  9. Zac and Miri make a porno

    I'm far from not over the new frat pack that Judd Apatow created, Seth's boys from Anchorman, Knocked Up, superbad, freaks and geeks etc Guess what's next - Apatows directing a Sandler/Rogen film and everyones invited - Jonah, leslie mann, Norm McDonard, sarah silverman, Andy dick and australian's own Chopper! Funny People, thats the name of the film. I also love some of Sandlers early regulars, Peter Dante is one of the most underated comics today - i'm the waterrr boyyy dddooo and he played the best stoner on a film ever in Grandma's boy. Chappelle and his boys in halfbaked a close second. Allen covert is Dantes partner in crime and both starred with jonah hill, justin long and steve zahn in a great pic called strange wilderness, where Dante puts on a seal outfit and is hilliarious - check it out on dvd.
  10. Oscar Results

    I thought rev road wasn't very good either, tried too hard to come off as oscar bait much like the aviator, old hollywood. Australia and the Duchess can be added to that list. The voters weren't fooled, plus many are now from a different generation thats why three of the past films that won best picture were action/thriller dramas that were very stylishly directed - Crash, Departed, Slumdog rather than daunting period pieces.
  11. who listens to a song

    more like a trigger when I hear certain songs I remember times with certain friends.

    heheh, thankyou forgotten about that gr8 line, thought it was all gloom and doom.

    eehhrhrhrr... just the title gives me chills. What a terrible but absorbing piece of artistic cinema. Thought about watching it a second time but may be too soon. The image of the cat is embedded in my head. What a gr8 performance, would have really gone deep to play that role - much like heath.
  14. gran torino

    I hated this film to tell you the truth, not a big fan of Clint. This really played off as a poor budget b grade film made for TV. The so called gang members are lame and clint gets really tiresome as an old fart. His supporting cast are no names and probably first timers as they were all pretty poor. Theres a reason why it didn't get oscar noms and it wasn't because it was snubbed or overlooked, its that it just wasn't any good.
  15. 7 pounds

    I found myself struggling with this one, its pretty draining and slow. The predictability hurts it but I am glad Will is doing these films rathen then men in black III or Wild Wild West II as he has some acting chops. The ending does hit a string and makes up for some of the dull bits in the middle.