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  1. Drive Safely.

    ive seen that s13de with the 14 motor, very neat tidy car, itsprefect.
  2. brake rotors

    goodwrench in coburg are good, cheap prices to.
  3. sr20det swap into sr20de

    There is a gray plug on the passenger side of the engine bay, i think it has about 6 wires, one of those wires do not line up with the de body loom . You need to find 12 volts to that wire to get a spark. I have a feeling that this may be your problem, but i could be wrong.
  4. Brake hose replacement

    If i was you i would also get a flare nut spanner, you dont need one but damn it helps on brakes since they round off pretty easy. Also collect the brake fluid in a jar or some thing, the stuff is a *milkshake* when you get it everywhere.
  5. It does sound very much like the pump isnt turning the right direction, even tho i have never herd of this before.
  6. Roadworthy for S14.5

    i have a mate, with a stock 180sx and he is findin it very hard to get a rwc, he has stock suspension and they are telling him its too stiff.
  7. Roadworthy for S14.5

    it is so much hard to get a roadworthy these days, vic roads is very strict, they ask for photos now.
  8. Headlight removal

    you have to remove the cluster, the lens/plastic wont come off,
  9. Best price for koya drift teks

    i just tried to msg you, but wouldnt let me, what are the offsets for 17X9 and 17X9.5 also your price. or a number i can contact you on
  10. Road Worthy Woe... PLEASE HELP ANYONE!

    i just paid for a wheel alignment no more then a month ago, and i know theres a way to straighten your steering wheel from adjusting the toe. but why do i have to explain this to you ? i just asked a simple question.
  11. Road Worthy Woe... PLEASE HELP ANYONE!

    would rather do it from under the car
  12. E-Flex Fuel now available in Camberwell

    if your chasing 300kw, you would have modified all those things anyway. whether you run e85 or not.
  13. Road Worthy Woe... PLEASE HELP ANYONE!

    im steering wheels out as well how'd you straighten it ?
  14. wheel nuts/lock nut

    i rang up and emailed stonestar with no luck