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  1. Speedway engineering Quick change diff with Porsche 930 Heavy Duty Cv's with a spool centre. Comes with a modified S15 silvia k frame with S13 SPL solid fitment bushes. The K frame is just a throw in you can either have it or not the Diff is the main item. The driveshafts have good angles where its located the tailshaft has been setup at 4degrees Down to minimise vibration. $3000 Change ratios in 5 minutes and have a bulletproof diff. pickup Clayton
  2. S13 Silvia Moulded Perspex windows Drivers and passenger front windows and rear windscreen. One of the front windows may have 1 scratch I haven't removed the paper but there is a tear in the paper. $550 collected Clayton Victoria
  3. S13 10point caged sports sedan Roller

    Thanks Bling, Haha everyone wans the Hollinger. It will be the last thing I sell it's the hardest to replace.
  4. S13 silvia Shell, built for sports sedans. Highly modified with an extensive roll cage, fully seam welded. Front towers reinforced. 50mm widebody front and rear. Floor modified for a Tilton 600 series pedal box, which is also available as an extra. Currently setup for a mid mount LS setup with Hollinger gearbox and speedway engineering quick change diff. Will sell complete with custom made extractors and LS engine mount plates if wanted. It could easily have the firewall cut from a wreck and welded back in if you wanted to run it as an SR20 factory position again. Alternatively mount the SR where I have the LS and make the firewall panels. The quick change rear end with custom modified subframe is available at an additional cost. Sold as a roller with nearly new D2 coilovers and a 5 stud conversion with no brakes for $5,000 negotiable. This comes with the engine plates and headers. A lot of extra parts available either new or nearly new buyer will get first dibs to what they would like to buy. Selling as I've lost interest and need to free up cash for investments. Car's located in Clayton.
  5. S15 Dash - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used I have an S15 Dash that I bought for a project that I no longer need. I don't have the lower console piece. Everything in the photo's is what you get.
  6. Price : $1,000 Condition : New Enkei RPF01's 17 x 10 offset 18 (5 x 114.3 mm PCD) 2 Rims 17 x 9.5 offset 18 (5 x 114.3 mm PCD) 2 Rims This were going on my silvia with 50mm rear guards and 50mm front guards, I am now going to run 18"'s so these are no longer needed. They are brand new in their boxes.
  7. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    Hey Guys, I thought It was time to update this thread. The transmission tunnel bars are all finished I'm really happy with how they have come out. The masking tape shows where I will be adding additional bracing and gussets. Once the exhaust is made and I find out how much clearance I have to play with I will finish It off. The engine is finally in we haven't totally finished the mounting yet. We had a slight set back on the weekend we almost welded the mount in only to realise had we of we wouldn't have been able to remove the motor. I'll get some more pics up this week of the fuel cell mounting.
  8. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    Nah I don't but a lot of bars were put in before the cutting so I'm really just hoping, it's a huge risk but I won't know if its worked until the car goes to get aligned. The whole car is seam welded as well so hopefully that will help hold it all together. If it has moved it will be devastating but not a complete waste the whole driveline which is the expensive but can be transfered to a space frame roller. I've considered doing this already but I figure I've come so far with this shell I may as well use it.
  9. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    Cheers it will be good to see on the track ill be so relieved when its done so I can get on with life.
  10. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    Yeah your probably not wrong it is definitely overkill but I weigh everything before putting it in, each side weighs 3kg's so it isn't too bad. 3kg's of weight for some extra stiffness, those bars will also become my engine mounts so they do have to be strong enough to support 200kg's. It's all 1.6mm 1.5" Chromemoly so it's nice and strong but lightweight. It's almost done though but all the bar work I've added will weigh less than 20kg's. It will be interesting to see what the car weighs at the end though I am hoping for around 1050-1070kg's much heavier than that and I will have to put the car on a diet.
  11. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    The Front section of the cage is almost done I've got two more bars to go in then it's on to the tunnel frame work. There are a few more bars I would love to add in to really triangulate everything but they may not work. I will have to mount the motor and build the headers before I can look at where I can put the other bars.
  12. Track S series

    The owners name is Enrico Sartori there are a lot more photos on his Facebook occasional he gives some details as well.
  13. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    It will definitely be a shame to cover it with an airbox
  14. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    I went down to my engine builders with my throttle bodies to do a trial fit on another motor his building. It looks awesome! My Motor will have a Black block with the Rocker covers engraved with SRE or Spencer Race Engines and be a crinkle finish red like the Ferrari Intake. With the Dry Sump hanging off the side and the braided line it should look hot. Also I've been doing some work with the roll cage the bars aren't finalised yet but that's there basic layout. I so should have just cut the towers out they look crap now but what can I do it's function over form.
  15. Low Mounting for Fixed Back Seat in S13

    The other thing you aren't factoring in is he could be 6'1 but have all legs and no torso likewise you could be all torso and no legs. So 6'1 in itself doesn't really mean a lot when your trying to find 20-40mm's. There are a lot of factors you just need to make your factors work for you. Modify to suit my friends like to say