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  1. RIP supra owner.

    holly at that isaac newton mother destroying the guys fb page...... *milkshakes* literally in the head.. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/RIP-kallum-althaus/118304941569989
  2. I have an auto non turbo s15 and i put it in neutral rev to 7000 and put it in drive . chix luv it
  3. lifting vs social life

    Older you get, everything seems to get boring and isnt the same as it used to be.
  4. Newbie Drifter

    just start sliding ........ dbl clutch like a bitch = win
  5. Newbie Drifter

    aslong as its RWD and has a locked diff you can skate et

    Who owns this 34R??
  7. Stacked my 350z slided into a gutter and passenger airbag popped off... all i can say was my mate was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH and wasnt happy.. loooool
  8. Hello boys!

    Lol poof in S15... geez
  9. Newbie

    you're paying 20k for an S15?.. Considering 2 of my mates just paid 13k for theres.. in awesome nick .. you're highly getting jibbed.. and auto is cheaper in performance cars.. cos no one wants em.. only kids.
  10. Newbie

    LOL Auto fail You sound like a kid thats going to get jibbed... Please do research before you buy. Thx.
  11. JUST bought my bed from CAPTAIN SNOOZE. My Fqn God worth every cent..... iits like sleeping on a cloud.. + im so much ahppier cos my sleeps r so freaken awesomeeeeeee !!
  12. +1 On Exedy Heavy Duty, with those current mods that is perfect, no point getting a cushioned/button as it will put more strain on the gearbOx then a standard hd one..

    Last time i checked, this is a public forum...
  14. spray my intercooler

    Only minor problem you'll have but probably unnoticable is the cooler will be a bit more hotter as its black.