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    Nissan 180sx
  1. On Gold Coast or nearby 0401823121 Thanks
  2. #4 vote for 4 stud, but soon might go to 5 stud if I can find cheap conversion not enough wheel choices
  3. these still available?
  4. know this is an old thread but f**k this arab or wateva the hell he is stuffed me up years ago.... hopefully he is in jail getting rammed
  5. Drift DIGITAL gauges!

    hahah yea was trying to find something the other day oh well, it might inspire more people to get them now that the thread is fresh at the top again!
  6. Drift DIGITAL gauges!

    i love these i just got 3 of them in my 180, water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure, i still got a couple more but not sure if to put them in a pillar or modify my cd player slot.