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  1. Well ADGP Round 1 is done and dusted and we qualified 5th, ended up 6th after narrowly losing to Aggess who went on to win. The car is off lips and I didn't even use the higher boost setting (not allowed to haha.... engine must last the season LOL!). The G Force 4 speed box is wicked, just need to sort a few little things like a bigger clutch master, stop the axle tramp off the line (read: replace five year old GReddy coilovers!) and put in some rear knuckles and new bushes to increase rear drive. Other than that everything else will improve by better driving. Looking forward to hopefully getting some decent seat time this year!! Some footage of the weekend below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFuNQo8YX5k Ben
  2. Since last post we have saved for an eternity to fit a G Force GSR 4 speed box. Just recently got it in and finally got back behind the wheel. Still very rusty, but hey at least it was seat time before ADGP and... um.... . Goes ok for a fully stock internal engine lol! A few laps from the other week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFfbcO4oFcQ
  3. Lol stalker!! I'll grab some better pics of both. Sump sits virtually on the cross member, not actually the lowest point on the front of the car. Will definitely ask a few questions, who's adapter did you buy to mate it to JZ? Cheers dude
  4. I may actually give you a buzz in a week or so about that exact topic! Custom dude made by Az & Lloyd @ AzCustom- 0418186758 (tell him I sent you) They are chromoly with polyurethane rubbers! Cheers mate appreciate the kind words! LOL I've been on here for ten years, just don't post much these days! Between AzCustom, GT Garage and a mate who sprayed the bay it came up pretty darn good! Just need a proper shield for the exhaust manifold and make the oil catch can and rad overflow. A Hypertune inlet manifold would LOOK much better, but hey the stock manifold works fine for this power level. If anyone has any exterior footage of the car from FD/ADGP I'd love to see it! Had a bit of a camera issue over the weekend and didn't capture what we thought we did!
  5. GForce GSR would be nice Simon, doubtful tho as ~$10k landed. pman- Cheers dude! As for the parts sorry everything is gooooooooooooone!
  6. Is an absolute work of art and a credit to Az! Fullboost by 3600rpm on a bone stock motor with a PT6262! Makes 1300nM of torque on GT Garage's Mainline dyno, which is just 100nM shy of a 750kw 7L built LS motor with twin GT4294R's!!!! PLENTY more to come from this setup, just need a big dollar box before we can start pushing the boundaries!
  7. A couple of pics of recent happenings! A sad day it was when the SR was removed, but I can't say I regret it at all after driving with a 2J twice so far... OMFG!
  8. The intention was use for a few months then fit a gearset, now decided against that as I'm fairly sure we'll break that too! LOL!
  9. Lots has happened, will update another time. In short, 2J has arrived, been fitted and broken two RB25 boxes. Good times ahead once we sort out a strong box! 470rwkw @ 25psi! Goes ok! Thanks to Luke Hobbs and Autocult (?) for the pics! More to come later! Ben
  10. Price : $50 Condition : Used Hi all, have a number of bits I'd like to clear out before the weekend: 1 x Bosch 044 (from my car works perfectly)- $90 1 x Haltech Electronic Boost Controller (works with all current Haltech ECUs)- $75 1 x Kinugawa T67-25G Compressor Housing (NEW)- $50 1 x Kinugawa T67-25G Compressor Wheel (NEW)- $40 1 x Trust T67-25G 10cm Turbine Housing (3 bolt with V Band professionally welded on clamp)- $150 1 x GKTech 3" Decat Pipe- $35 20+ Assorted 265/35/18 Federal 595SS and RSR- $Ask Contact me via PM or 0408782632. Cheers, Ben
  11. If anyone wants to save some coin on their crank trigger kit for the VE setup I have my Ross trigger wheel kit and balancer for sale as no longer needed: Ross Tuffbond SR20 balancer 12-1 trigger wheel Ross billet bracket and hall effect sensor etc etc $900 for the lot (RRP: $1700+) A sad time, however no VE for me, 2JZ instead!
  12. Make : NISSAN 300ZX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $450 Condition : Fair Hi all, have my spare 300ZX/Z32 gearbox for sale. Still works fine, just has buggered 2/3/4 synchros hence price. No bellhousing or shifter, everything else included. $450. Contact via 0408782632. Cheers. Ben
  13. Price : $2,000 Condition : Good Hi all, This is the head setup out of the Team GT Garage 180sx Drift Car. With supporting modifications the head/engine package made 411rwkw (700HP) on race fuel. - S13 SR20DET Head - Recoed, port and polished etc by Tasmanian Engine Reconditioning - Tomei Procams 260/260 - Naprec Re-inforced Rocker Arms - Tomei Solid Lifters - BC Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers - Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers - Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears The head has been shimmed to race specs. $2,000. Contact via 0408782632 or PM. Cheers. Ben
  14. Cheers dude! Just want everything gone so I can concentrate on rebuilding the car!! Less selling more buying! Less selling more 2J!
  15. Nah he/Marty will be doing them soon. Need the engine to arrive first! PRICE DROP ON ALL PARTS BELOW. MUST GO! Share this post around guys and help us turn full steam ahead with progress for the 2013/14 season! 1) 410RWKW/550RWHP SR20 setup! - S13 SR20DET Head - Recoed, port and polished - Tomei Procams - Naprec Re-inforced Rocker Arms - Tomei Solid Lifters - BC Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers - Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers - Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears WAS- $2.5k NOW JUST $2K (stupid cheap!!) 2) TD06SH-25G 600HP SR20 Turbo Kit- NOW $2400! Powertune Manifold 50mm Turbosmart Progate Full Exhaust to tip Lines, piping, air filter, gaskets.... the LOT! 3) 180sx->S14A Silvia Conversion Kit- WAS- $1K NOW $900 (for a complete conversion kit once you buy a front bar!) Consisting of: - Carbon bonnet - Headlights and corners - Grill - 25mm Conversion Guards - Bonnet hinges modified to suit - Bonnet latch assembly 4) 4x 16x8 +10 Rota Grid (White) WITH tyres! NOW $600 5) S13/180sx Bilstein front shocks WITH cusco camber tops- NOW $175 6) S13/180sx Climate Control Unit- $80 7) S13/180sx 25mm lengthened front lower control arms (ball joint inners)- $250/pair 8) 180sx Type X seat belt set- $140 9) Greddy Inlet Manifold, 80mm Throttle Body & Gizzmo Phenolic Intake Manifold Gasket- NOW $600 10) Greddy LS Intercooler mounted upside down with custom Intercooler Piping- $650 11) Braided wastegate lines (5 x -4 lines in total to suit EBC setup)- $150 12) Ross Harmonic Balancer and Crank Trigger Kit (replaces Crank Angle Sensor)- NOW $900 13) Trust 48mm Twin Core SR20 Radiator- $550 14) ORC 559D-02N SR20 Twin Plate Clutch (needs flywheel/pedestool machine ie. rebuild)- $300 ($1900 NEW!) 15) S13 SR20DET Alternator- $50 (other parts can be included at request I'm sure there's more....) PM for more info/to purchase or 0408782632. Ben