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  1. speed trap cops taught a lesson

    http://www.snopes.com/horrors/techno/radar.asp Would be funny to think it was, but alas no.
  2. The Nostalgia Thread.

    Ahhh the memories.
  3. Epic car fail thread

    Just saw this gem driving down the road.... The bonnet looked to be wrapped in carbon fibre print with those fake plastic vents. Bloke tried to drag me at the next lights. I laughed.
  4. Novelty Coffee Mugs

    Thisiswhyimbroke.com Huge amount of random stuffs there.. And a few cool mugs too =D
  5. Steam Games

    Is bioshock 2 worth the download though?
  6. RC Helicopters

    I do know this... But still, i know a couple of fellas that are incredibly good 3D flyers. I'm still making my way up =P
  7. RC Helicopters

    I orginally purchesed this little beaut, and got flying with that. Its indoor, has gyro (What the larger ones do), and is very durable. I then moved on to a bigger model being this, and then tried to fly that. Because the larger ones actually take some tweaking / setting up, I crashed about 4 times before i even got it to a hover. I have used this copter since, but have bought fully carbon fibre upgrades and metal gears and such as my skills improved. I went down to a RC Heli club that really helped me, and put me in the right direction with flying, repairs and maintainence. Also another good thing about finding someone with flying experience, You can buy a cord called a 'Training cable', In which a pro can hook his controller up to yours, and his actions will override yours should something bad occur (They can pull you out of a sticky situation =P). Definitely look into somewhere you can share you interest with others that have the experience, its the best path to go down. My 2c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6F-0rIpLJE Tell me you dont think that is entertaining =P
  8. I know that Family. Tis a joke they all get from their surname. The entire fleet of cars have numberplates like it 'Balsax' 'Balsac' Balsak' Quite funny really.
  9. Police Blitz

    So setup more TAC / Government run driver education centres? Increase the level of driving education needed to obtain a licence, and make the person themelves pay for the cost of said training. But wait.. thats costs money now, for longterm profits.... Thats not a kneejerk reaction to the cries about roadtoll. Not worth it really eh...? Right....?
  10. Landrover?

    Thanks for the input fellas. Ill take that into concideration.
  11. Landrover?

    G'day, Wondering if anyone had any opinions on Land rovers? Specifically Discovery's. I've got a mate keen to get rid of one, but i havent really heard much about them. Its a '97 Disco series 1 with a 3.9L v8. Any information would be greatly appriciated.
  12. 24 Hour Of LeMONS

    I really think this could be an idea that would work. +massive repz to anyone with connections to get this happening =P
  13. CA18 DET v SR20DET

    I'd go with a CA.. Better milage and such.....
  14. What is this Spoiler? Common type? (I tried the usual designs on google, No luck)